Obama To Bypass Congress on Gun Control


Gun rights activist John Snyder explained how the Obama administration could go around Congress to ban certain types of semi-automatic weapons. Fox News anchor Shannon Bream interviewed Snyder about the changes he said could be made in the classification of weapons under the National Firearms Act.


They are in FACT coming after our guns, anyone who does not believe that is drinking too much Kool Aid. About a year ago i wrote a piece on how they come for your guns. Sadly most I have come across just spew the bravado that when they knock on the door there will be a shoot out. In fact I do not see that happening at all. Lets look at some simple facts:

  1. 100’s of millions of guns and gun owners. Not enough police, military and boy scouts can be mustered to round up guns door to door. You can expect some demonstrations to take place to send a message to gun owners. Klinton was also going to enact massive gun control and he fired a shot over the bow of all gun owners. WACO. Klinton too was going to sign the US up for the UN posture on world arms control. But his efforts backfired.

  2. So if the govt cannot knock on your doors and take them how will they do it. Not hard at all, in fact so simple a child can do it. The govt has years and years worth of gun records on every firearm purchased going back now quite a few years. Only a few months ago the SCOTUS made a ruling on Obamacare that has FAR reaching consequences. What it said was that Congress has UNLIMITED power to tax, thus Obamacare is a tax. We already know they can tax guns, now you can expand this. You get a letter NOT from the ATF, but from the IRS telling you you bought some kind of a gun back in 1998 on 2 March. The following is a tax schudule based upon the type of gun you own.

M 16 SAW or any variant thereof: $250 per year


xxx: $50 per year

.410 single shot, shotgun, no tax.

Please provide us with the serial number of the gun you purchased on the aforementioned date and include the tax with your 1040 on line 112.*

If the gun has been stolen or lost include a copy of a notarized police or insurance company report (note perjury is punishable by a $5000 fine and 5 years in jail)

Thank you