Obama to help Al Qaeda gain power in Syria


President Obama is preparing to send lethal weaponry to the Syrian opposition and has taken steps to assert more aggressive U.S. leadership among allies and partners seeking the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad, according to senior administration officials.

Obama moving toward sending lethal arms to Syrian rebels, officials say - The Washington Post
No surprise here. Everytime the U.S. “helps” rebels in Mideast countries, they turn out to be those who want the U.S. gone.


Mujahadeen anyone? Come on, we learned this lesson already, I thought.


We did. I think Obama did, too; but rather, I doubt that his motives have anything to do with the welfare of the United States.


These days, it seems we’ll give weapons to anyone for a little favor.


Why do you limit this to just Obama? Marco Rubio, John McCain and in the closet Lindsey Graham are just as (actually even more) enthusiastic about helping radical Islamist terrorists out in Syria.


Because it’s Sam, and to Sam, everything ever is Obama’s fault.



[quote=“Trekky0623, post:6, topic:39273”]
Because it’s Sam, and to Sam, everything ever is Obama’s fault.


[/quote]So Obama’s track record for supporting rebels which have convenlently been taken over by those who hate us is not prove of Obama’s complicity? You really need to take the blinders off.

Obama is now supporting Al Qaeda inspite of being told they are running things in Syria.


McCain, Rubio, Graham, Ayotte and other GOPers support those same rebels and have been pushing Obama to send them military aid and are now even pushing to send American troops to die for them. Oh, they also supported helping al-Qaeda in Libya.


I keep getting holes in my socks. Thanks Obama.


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You have to admit he has a track record on this one.


I swear Obama is a special type of stupid. Numerous American presidents have mistakenly helped factions and rebel groups we shouldn’t have helped but in most of those cases we did not know they were terrorists or as bad as they turned out to be later.

Obama knows these toolbags are Jihadi but he still supports them anyways.


That’s not stupid; that’s nefarious.


But even jihadis may be better than Assad.


Or maybe even Assad wold be better than the jihadis. Either way, it’s a matter for Syria, not us. Unless, we are to beat drum of the “We’re all Georgians (the country Georgia) now” mantra of John McCain regarding Syria.


Either way, it’s a matter for Syria, not us

Is that your attitude concerning the Holocaust, too - “it’s a matter for Germany, not us”? Assad has committed many atrocities. At what point does such depravity and inhumanity become a concern for others? What is your moral basis for deliberately turning a blind eye?


Haven’t the jihadis and Muslim Brotherhood committed atrocities? Why should we help them? We see how it worked thinking Mubarek was bad enough to get rid of and we replaced him with something worse. Ask many of the citizens in Egypt and Iraq who are being oppressed and terrorized by their new regime how they feel helped by our intervention.


Also, do you honestly think we got involved in Germany because of the Holocaust?


RW, you avoided my question: what is your moral basis for deliberately turning a blind eye to Assad’s known atrocities? You’re the one who proclaims on each and every one of your posts that “Christ is my Lord”. That implies you may be a Christian. Don’t tell me you don’t support helping Assad’s victims because of speculation that the opposition could be worse, or your implication that “why should we help them, they’re just Muslims”. That’s not a moral argument, that’s an excuse for avoiding a moral choice. What is your basis as a Christian for deliberately turning a blind eye to what you know and see is the appalling, depraved violence of a government killing and torturing its own citizens?


No, we did not. We heard rumors of it, but did not know the true extent until we invaded.

I don’t like the comparison. The Jews in Germany were innocents. Syria is not anything close to that situation. It’s two bad guys slugging it out. I say let them go at it.

I would go further and have Israel disarm the victor of anything that threatens them as well.