Obama to relieve permanently disabled of all federal student loan debt


Break out those neck braces!:banana:

      The Obama administration is directing several federal agencies,  including the Department of Education and the Social Security  Administration, to forgive $7.7 billion of student loans to around  400,000 people with permanent disabilities.       

Following last year’s White House-announced Student Aid Bill of Rights, designed to reorient how student loans were repaid, President Obama announced on Tuesday a directive to fully forgive the federal student loan debt owed by those with permanent disabilities, or PD.


Nothing like a little more national debt…


Oh, if only my upbringing and conscience would allow me to live off the FAT of the LAND! (My constituents may be forgiven for any unkind thoughts on that subject…the POLITICAL GAME is not one for the MASSES…It is only for the ELECT!) (Elected,that is…):eusa_think:

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