Obama to the Rescue?


[LEFT]President Barack Obama top political adviser Valerie Jarrett said Tuesday that the president thinks Rahm Emanuel belongs back on the ballot.
“I think that [Obama] believes that [Emanuel] is eligible, and that he believes that Rahm will pursue his appeal in the courts,” Jarrett, a senior adviser to Obama and fellow Chicagoan said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

[LEFT][COLOR=#000000]The former chief-of-staff was bounced from the Chicago mayoral ballot Monday in a surprise decision by the Illinois Appellate Court. [/LEFT]

Source: Obama to the Rescue? | NBC Chicago[/COLOR][/LEFT]

Since I have seen that Obama “the zero” thinks nothing at all of the constitution and rules I believe it is reasonable to think that he and other democrats think that rules should not apply to them.

Unless, of course, they want to use a rule, they themselves do not believe in to hamstring opponents.
The fact that Rahn has gained a large following in Chicago only emphasizes the corruption of this town.


Emmanuel says he owns a house in Chicago, pays taxes there, and votes there. I have no doubt that he votes there - and probably several other places.


well ALL that matters is what baron samadi thinks is right…right??


[quote=“Susanna, post:2, topic:28961”]
Emmanuel says he owns a house in Chicago, pays taxes there, and votes there. I have no doubt that he votes there - and probably several other places.

[/quote]Probably his dead relatives vote as well


Obama thinks. First that’s funny enough on its own. Second is that supposed to be like Vito Corleone saying he thinks? An offer they can’t refuse?


Okay, he didn’t actually say anything, you guys. =/


Trust me, living with the left in connecticut / new york that you are correct.

They don’t think the rules - constitutional or otherwise - apply to them.

Its the same entitled give me give me give me crap that they have been espousing. But then… the north has always been that way. Just look at new york city’s mindless social programs.


Rahn is back on the ballot–Funny how the Illinois Supreme Court decided so fast to allow him to remain


What is so sad is that everyone has read the law in Illinois by now and everyone knows that at most he can legally vote there but he clearly is not qualified for the ballot.

But everyone also knew from the beginning that he would be granted permission to run for Mayor in this election.

We not only are not surprised by complete corruption in the Judicial system, we don’t even get outraged about it anymore.

It is time to empty our prisons and refill them with Judges.
Nothing we have locked up right now can even come close to the destruction that has been caused (and continues to be caused) by the Activist/Communist Judiciary in America.

For the “Rule Of Law” to return the corruption in the Judiciary must be held accountable. They think they are gods, if we do not hold them accountable then we are endorsing their self deification.


Can we change the timing a bit. There are some Judges that I would want to see inside just a bit before the place was empty. Maybe some of the nice men can “show them the ropes” as it were. I’m sorry, is that hate speech?