Obama too busy to call solder's family, but calls Eagles


One Old Vet » Obama Refuses to Phone Fallen Soldier’s Family and Instead Calls NFL Owner to Praise Michael Vick

The Real Story Behind President Obama and Michael Vick - Harry R. Jackson, Jr. - Townhall Conservative

Whether he was congratulating them on Vick or their green environment moves, either way this is pathetic. A soldier has fallen in the line of duty, while his senator can’t spell his name and the White House refuses for Obama to call the family under the pretense of being too busy.

With the need and desire to appear on the likes of The View and other show, and call NFL teams, while ignoring the sacrifices made by our soldiers, it reflects Obama is a rock star and not a commander in chief.


He and/or his staff obviously have their priorities.


Why is this not surprising?



Do you realize that it is not hip to call soliders family? Obama does anything which could be considers “Hip” and saluting our troops privately is not “Hip” and “Young” like he was some protester of the vietnam war.


Obongo has no time for this shit. golf and steak await


Obviously you don’t realize that Obama is “Hip” and doesn’t do anything which can’t be considered “Hip”.


yeah I know how hip. just like a pimp


Obama embodies MTV, and the entire MTV attitude. “Everybody have sex and listen to music and who gives a f–k about anything else.” And he hates the military because it gives our country the upper hand in world affairs. He actually, no joke, hates this nation to the point where he wants to see it reduced to a third world country. It is so obvious; I cannot comprehend the stupidity and blatant ignorance of the democrats who can’t see this. Or, I think most of them do see it, they just won’t admit to it, because they hate the USA too. Sad.


You are so right. Unfortunately.