Obama: 'Very Hard to Untangle' Dallas Shooter's Motive


President Obama said at a Saturday press conference in Poland that it is “very hard to untangle the motives” of the shooter in Dallas who killed five police officers Thursday evening.
“First of all, I think it’s very hard to untangle the motives of this shooter,” said Obama.

Obama: ‘Very Hard to Untangle’ Dallas Shooter’s Motive | The Weekly Standard

Yeah the fact he hated whites and said so means nothing. The fact he embraced the black panthers is not relevant. He uses the same excuse as to why he does not know why ISIS is against us.


If Obama can’t understand what the Dallas shooter’s motives were, then he’s 'WAY too ignorant to have ever sat in the Oval Office.


Has anyone noticed the Dallas Police MURDERED the sniper! He was not killed in a police action as a result of gun fire. They sent in a robot with a bomb attached and then triggered it, murdering him.

If nothing else this raises the question as to why they did not wait him out and taken him alive, was it that he said something that the police (or the FEDS) did not want out. Capturing him would have given all a lot of valuable info. We might also note that in almost every inccident the prep has been killed by the police rather than be taken alive.

There is a page 2 to this story that we the people will never know, bit I strongly feel the feds said kill him!


Nonsense. He was obviously an expert with his armaments and they didn’t want any more officers killed rushing him physically so they blew him away by remote control. Pretty shrewd move if you ask me. He’d already shot 14 people, killing 5 police officers. They tried talking him out but he was defiant. Good for whoever made that decision!


Sorry DanO, book’um Murder 1.

Couple of problems in your view:

  1. Almost all bad guys die, this is jujst a trend that has emerged and they die.

  2. BS on the rush stuff, talk him down and wait him out, he is VERY valuable alive rather than dead.

All that is known is what the guy said to the police and or the feds (I will BET $$$$ they were involved) and who really knows, but what ever said they made a decision to kill him rather than take him alive!!! And that is a FACT JACK!!!


I don’t know the story, but you’ve shown no compelling evidence that the police murdered him, and from what I’ve heard, I’m disinclined to buy it.


If this guy had anything compelling to say that would have made the government nervous he would have used his phone to broadcast it via a thousand channels before he ever fired the first shot, and probably during the shooting spree as well.

He was a Racist Terrorist that was fond of all the major Racist Terrorist organizations like Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers, he saw a chance to express his hatred effectively and he took it like all Racist Terrorists do; he had nothing of value to say to anyone and his death saves the victims from having to suffer under the torture of watching him be rewarded by the Justice System for his acts of evil slaughter.


According to the police, they sent in a robot armed with a bomb and they detonated it in order to kill hims as per the CoP Dallas…

When I was a LEO (Deputy Sheriff, we dealt with some bad guys, REAL bad guys, brought them all in, never had to kill a single one. Several times they were doing life w/o parole, escaped , I can remember 2 instances. I tracked one thru the woods all day and most of the night, then we got him cornered inside a grage, he was armed with .357 pistol + ammo and a shotgun he took from a Deputies car that was left unlocked and he thought he would only be at the Sheriffs office a few min…little did he realize there was a jail break going on.


Yes, this was a great decision; in war you take out your enemy unless he surrenders unconditionally.

Black Lives Matter have declared war on White People and the Police, they are destroying property and innocent lives as they execute this war; they will not lose until the decent people accept the declaration of war against them and fight back.

Bombs on robots is a good start.


It’s pretty clear what obambo’s motives are though.


There is a LOT more to this story, been on thing if he had taken it in a firefight or did something stupid like raising his hands like he was giving up and then suddenly pulled a gun or something like that, but something is wrong here, there was NOT a legit NEED to send in a robot with a bomb and then flip the switch. The need was not there.

Lets not forget he was a soldier, Honorable Discharge, was over in the ME. Maybe (?) he turned and because a terrorist??? We don’t know, but while we say he was killing whitey, the Feds are saying NO HATE CRIME here to see, move on along. He has NO TIES to BLM.

So its not a racist thing and FT Hood was workplace violence!!!

We got far more coverup than transparency at this point in time and DEAD MEN TELL NO LIES!


Nobody that I know of is claiming that they DIDN’T make the decision to kill him. This guy had just KILLED 5 people and tried to kill 8 others, defied efforts to talk him out and continued to take pot-shots at the police even while they were trying to talk him out. It would have been patently obvious to any rational person that, given the opportunity, this guy would CONTINUE to shoot to kill. They decided to NOT give him the opportunity. Good for them.


I could agree had they spent 12 hrs or so trying to talk him down, but they did not, I think the time line was but a few hrs, I think (??) it was about 11pm when they flipped the switch, not exactly a 3 day standoff.

Then the question of BOMB!!! They did NOT want him alive at all! They wanted him DEAD.

Sorry folks but this stinks worse than a backed up sewer. I ain’t buyin it.


You’re claiming a conspiracy where none exists, Don. What difference would it have made if they’d have rushed him, lost one or two SWAT members but killed him with gunfire? He wasn’t going to be taken alive in ANY case, and that was HIS decision. Secondarily, there is NO EVIDENCE that the feds were involved in the decision-making at any point. I wa s a police officer myself and never had to shoot anyone either (thank Heaven). However, if someone was taking potshots at ME and had already shown his willingness to KILL me or any other cop that got in his way, I was fully prepared to take a life if necessary. Blowing the guy up like that was the ONLY way to “neutralize” him without endangering other officers. He was armed and was wearing body armor. Chances of talking him alive were virtually nonexistent.

Also, at the time, they thought they had multiple snipers and didn’t want to waste time on ONE and allow the others to escape.


How many more cops would have died rushing him? I’m glad he got what he deserved.


“Murdered the sniper”? I disagree. They tried to get him to give himself up over several hours - even called in a black negotiator in an effort to affect his surrender.

At some point a decision has to be made based on real-time circumstances and information.

I think it would have been immoral to order officers to “rush” the perp or in any way expose themselves to mortal danger in an effort to take him alive - it was clear he wanted to kill cops and had already killed 5 of them. How many more might he have killed? Also, recall at the time the police did NOT know with certainty that other perps were not involved.

As for using the bomb squad robot? Reportedly the shooter was not in a position that allowed a police sniper a clear shot. That thinking outside the box - use of the robot - probably meant that even more wives/kids were saved from having to bury their husbands/fathers.

As a side note: How many of you are aware that a white, decorated police officer in a town just outside St Louis was shot in the neck last night after making a routine traffic stop of a recently (2015) released black, violent felon while the officer was walking back to his squad car? As the perp drove away he stopped and pumped another round into the officer. The officer is fighting for his life right now.

How many of you know about the police station in San Antonio, TX being struck with gun fire today?

As for Obama characterizing the motive of the police killer in Dallas as being “very hard to untangle”. My God, the guy stated he was upset about the recent police shootings, hated and wanted to kill white people and especially white police officers - which is precisely what he did. And Obama thinks the motive is unclear?

6 more months of Obama - hope we make it.

  1. You’re claiming a conspiracy where none exists: Never have said or implied, but now that you bring it up, its clear that our govt operates open and transparent, there is NO behind the scenes influence with the FBI or SCOTUS…

  2. What difference would it have made if they’d have rushed him, lost one or two SWAT members but killed him with gunfire?: Never said to rush him at all, talk him down, wait him out are at least have a press conf and say…well folks its been 3 days and we had to pull the trigger on him, sorry 'bout that! FINE, I have no issue, but this was an open and shut door real fast and somebody, WAY up there make the call to KILL! I NEVER said rush him, that is the stuff of movies.

  3. He wasn’t going to be taken alive in ANY case, and that was HIS decision: We don’t know that and if he made that decision he could have pulled his own trigger, did not need us.

  4. Secondarily, there is NO EVIDENCE that the feds were involved in the decision-making at any point.: I won’t argue with that point, that said the ‘tale of the tape’ tells a much different story. BLM protest in one of the largest cities in the US. BLM is not a rogue organization that is almost unknown, they are nationwide. We have a Black-White potential problem and here we can turn to recent (7.5 years) history of the FEDS eyeball deep in ANY black white event in the US. They don’t ask permission they just arrive or in this case the FBI, ATF, Dept of Justice, EEOC you name it all have major Division or Regional offices in Dallas, there is no shortage of agents there and to believe they were not in the thick of things before the BLM march even started is just not realistic.

  5. Blowing the guy up like that was the ONLY way to “neutralize” him without endangering other officers. He was armed and was wearing body armor. Chances of talking him alive were virtually nonexistent.: NO its not and you know that. I cannot think of a time where this has been done? Armed and wearing body armor, sure, been surprised if he wasn’t. But he was in a parking garage and I have been in that garage. It the one for El Centro College, one of the Colleges I have a degree from and I drove down into downtown Dallas for years, in fact Dallas was my home from '68- '2000. So the Dallas SWAT and their snipers had to rely on a robot for a guy in the open in a parking garage…yea makes good sense to me…NOT!


Who said he was “in the open?” The 2nd floor of that garage was practically full as people parked there who were participants in that “demonstration.” With an unknown number of snipers killing cops, there wasn’t TIME to let this guy stall and keep shooting at them. He got what he asked for.


According to the live announcement by the Dallas Mayor and the Dallas Police Chief, the police tried to get this guy to give up. They have a recording of the negotiations between him and the negotiator. That is how they know that he wanted to kill white people, especially white cops. He also revealed that he WAS a part of BLM and was angry because it wasn’t getting the support that it should have–in his mind. In addition, it was reported that he was “discharged” from the military because of problems in discipline and other matters (I don’t remember the details). I don’t know how long they were in negotiations with him, the report didn’t say. The police chief said that when it became clear that he was not going to give up and he was in a position that would make it very dangerous for the police to take him down, it was decided to send in the robot. He killed 5 police officers and wounded many more. If he had been allowed to continue, I’m sure that number would have risen substantially. He was a hateful, racist man bent on hurting white people, especially cops. I think the police did what they had to do in order to stop this man from killing or hurting more people.


I would hazard a guess George Soros is funding some of this.