Obama vows to "intensify" war effort


Yesterday in Turkey, Obama vowed to not alter the course of our strategy against ISIS, but to INTENSIFY it.

To better understand what he might have in mind we need to look at his current level of INTENSITY.

We are currently flying sorties - bombing runs - against ISIS. A sortie being the deployment of one military unit. In this case, one plane armed with bombs.

According to FOX NEWS we are currently deploying SEVEN (yes, 7) sorties (planes per day). And 3/4 of the planes deployed come home without dropping even one bomb.

Why? Because our pilots are restrained by rules of engagement that only an idiot could design. The rule: ZERO tolerance for collateral damage. No risk of even one civilian casualty is to be taken. That’s it. That’s our war effort against ISIS.

By contrast, in the GULF WAR under George H. W, Bush we flew as many as 1000 sorties a day - and we dropped the bombs. Russia ran 2300 sorties YESTERDAY for ******* sake. I’ll bet they dropped their bombs.

Obama is “playing war”, not actually engaging in one. He intends to “intensify” the appearance of doing something.

I’ve never witnessed anything like this from a leader of this nation.


Stellen Sie sich vor , wenn wir diese Regeln für den Einsatz im Zweiten Weltkrieg hatten ?


Less is better intensified ?


Yes, kinda like - The bigger the loser the more “intense” the loss?


Ich dachte in diesem Forum wir nur Englisch sprechen!


Usually; had a kid on here once who made a couple of posts in German, thinking nobody could understand them. When he found out I understood most of what he had written (I’m not terrible fluent), he quit.


Uh, that number can’t be real, they have less than 35 fixed-wing aircraft stationed there, not all of them are combat-capable, and I promise you that they’re rotating which ones are fighting.

This report from October says they managed 53 sorties in a single day, which is more in the ballpark.

… Maybe yours is a “total-to-date”?

And while the point about Obama’s lack of involvement is well received, I don’t know how well we should celebrate Russia’s involvement. They’re siding directly with Assad, which means they’re attacking anyone who threatens him. Including the Kurds. Who is doing the brunt work in fighting Daesh.

They’ll probably prove more useful than the Turks (who are getting prissy because they wanted Assad out), who are nigh-exclusively attacking the Kurds, but still…


Was he trolling or something like that? I’m not exactly fluent in German either, but I am able to have some conversation with German speakers.


Sort-of. After his German-speaking “project” failed, he started doing nothing but bringing up ancient threads. Now, that’s OK to do once in a while, if there is a good reason for it, but he just brought them up willy-nilly, and didn’t post anywhere else. If I remember correctly, often, the only thing he would post to them would be “bump.”


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