Obama Warns Ted Cruz, Rand Paul about filibusters


Obama Warns Ted Cruz, Rand Paul about filibusters

Via** Politico**:
White House press secretary Jay Carney suggested Tuesday that GOP Sens. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul are out of step with the public on gun-control measures.
The three lawmakers have threatened to filibuster “any legislation that will serve as a vehicle for any additional gun restrictions.”
Carney said “Filibusters of efforts to move forward with common-sense measures to reduce gun violence would be unfortunate,” he said. “We have worked with Congress, with the Senate, to try to advance the elements of the president’s plan that require legislative action and these again are common-sense measures.

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Caesar has spoken!!!



Well, Caesar’s spokesmuffin has spoken. Or is it Mouth of Sauron?


For starters, I’ve learned to hate the word, “unfortunate.” Yes, even when Sarah Palin uses it, (abusively.)

However, in this instance, it sounded like a threat.

I’m now beginning to hate the term, “common sense measures”, (near as much as ‘bipartisan’).

The measures they plan to take MAKE no common sense, but that is beside the point. Keep calling it that, and people will begin to wrap their arms around it.

NOT! At least not me, at any rate.


Hopefully we will get our caesar in next voting cycle then everything will be right in the world.


Nice try! LMBO!

I’d truly like to be upbeat, but it appears we have our Nero, and Rome is burning.


And the Christians are being blamed just as they were under Nero.


Awful lot of close coincidences, aren’t there?


Well remember Obama uses his press secretaries as shields. This is a dangerous veiled threat. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul need to view it as such. But if Obama were to be called on it, as always he would place blame on everybody else. I don’t like threats and Cruz and company NEED to seriously realize the Charmer in Chief is a snake in the rug. Call this POTUS on his threat and the Republicans should cease their con man meetings with this ass. Obama thinks he is so much smarter than republicans and he MUST be pushed back.


As much as I hate to think it, they’d be wise to heed your advice.