Obama: “We cannot let ourselves be divided by religion


What Obama means by this is that he is still refusing to admit that jihad terror comes from Islam, and he is going to continue with his plans to bring massive numbers of Muslim migrants, including untold numbers of jihad terrorists, into the U.S. He is telling us that those of us who want him to do something to defend us from Islamic jihad are once again out of luck.
Oh and Mr. President: the terrorists don’t want to divide us. They want to conquer and subjugate us.

Yet obama has gone out of his way to attack Christianity and wipe it from america. His efforts to force Christians to go against their religion while cantering to muslim religion.

In the military christian pastors and priest are forbidden to preach and even offer services while the troops are told they must learn to embrace Islam and understand it. In the civilian world churches and christian organizations are told they have to allow abortion an even how to worship and allow those whose faith counterdicts the purpose to have rein in accommodations.

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To sum it up obama has been trying to rid america of Christianity while promoting Islam.


Lyingest sob ever.


I KNOW some one will say this is only my “IMPLIED” Conspiracy theory: ANYONE who does not believe this guy is not just a Muslim but a supporter of radical Islam is off in a dream world too much "smoke’ and listening to Obama for to long…

We, the US and the world is getting the world and America that Obama wants. And he has delivered it well.

And NO I will not buy that is is that STUPID!


Obama: “We cannot let ourselves be divided by religion
I bet while he was saying that he was thinking “It will detract from the race war I’m trying to start”.


If Obama’s a Muslim, he’s not a very devout one.

He supports abortion, same-sex marriage, etc., and tries to promote these things across the world. I think he’s a closet atheist.


You do not need be devout when you view yourself as a DemiGod, he, like his reign of tyranny in office is above the law. He is a Muslim, devout, no, but he sets his own rules…


No, we must not be divided by religion - we must all submit to Islam. That’s his real goal.