Obama will bypass Congress, seek U.N. resolution on nuclear testing


President Obama has decided to seek a new United Nations Security Council resolution that would call for an end to nuclear testing, a move that leading lawmakers are calling an end run around Congress.
Top administration officials, including Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, briefed lawmakers and congressional staffers this week about President Obama’s decision to push for the U.N. action this September, to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, which was adopted in September 1996 but was never ratified by the Senate.

More of the same stuff to weaken this country from obama. The UN has a reputation of working against our interests while supporting terrorism. It should be a no brainer to realize that the UN if given the power would wreck this nation by imposing rules and having control not only through taxation but being in charge of our police and military. obama has been working to do as much damage as he can before leaving office.


How many days is it to November 8th???


If a Republican president had done half of what this commie muslim has done, he’d have been tarred, feathered, and sent to prison for treason. Disgusting.


America…“help I have fallen and I CAN’T GET UP!”


Actually, I am in favor of banning our current nuclear testing protocol. Seriously, folks - we have performed enough nuclear tests, both above and below ground, in the Nevada desert as well as White Sands, NM and Bikini Island. No more traditional nuclear testing protocol - please!!

That point made, I am rapidly coming around to the idea that if we think we MUST determine that our decades old nuclear arsenal remains potent then perhaps delivering a 200 megaton device to North Korea for them to test, since they enjoy testing nukes and missiles so much, would be the most appropriate and beneficial course of action for all concerned. Of course, given North Korea is hostile, threatening and belligerent to just about everyone, delivery to downtown Pyongyang from an altitude below 70,000 feet might be ill advised.

Actually, this missive is only partly tongue-in-check.


Forget that; that’ll be a disaster no matter what.

How many days until Jesus returns?