Obama Wins Among No Religious Affiliation, 70-26 Percent


Nationwide, evangelicals cast 26 percent of the vote in 2008, with 74 percent favoring Republican John McCain and 24 percent supporting Obama.

It’s very clear that “So-Cons” are a major part of the republican party. Ignoring them, as many do, is fatal and could be a reason Romney lost.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, described the non-engagement on the abortion issue as “the latest in a series of missed opportunities for the Republican Party. Voters overwhelmingly disagree with the extreme positions on abortion taken by President Obama and the Democrats. Mitt Romney, the Republican Party, and their Super PAC allies never highlighted this vulnerability, despite the fact that our polling of likely swing voters revealed it to be a persuasive line of argument.”

Evangelicals reportedly supported Romney, though he is a Mormon, by more than 3-to-1, but there was no nationwide exit polling to substantiate that margin. The National Election Pool, which conducts the polls on behalf of the Associated Press and the major television networks, decided not to do exit polling in 19 states, ones NEP decided did not have a competitive race worthy analyzing.

Among states in which exit polling was done, Romney fared as well as or better than the GOP’s 2008 nominee, John McCain, with evangelical voters in most cases, according to Christianity Today. **An exception was Ohio, where 30 percent of evangelicals voted for Obama this year in contrast to 27 percent in 2008.
The NEP exit polling that was done showed Romney won among Protestants, 57-42 percent, but Obama gained the edge with Catholics, 50-48 percent; Jews, 69-30 percent, and those with no religious affiliation, 70-26 percent.

The exit polls showed Obama won an increasingly greater percentage of support as attendance at religious services decreased. Romney won among those who attend more than once a week, 63-36 percent, and weekly, 58-41 percent. Obama won among those who attend monthly, 55-44 percent; a few times a year, 56-42 percent, and never, 62-34 percent.

Obama’s win part of big election setback for social conservatives


Throughout the campaign, the economy was probably the most talked about issue for both parties. In rallies, in debates, and in the media. The economy the economy the economy. It was a drum beat so much the word itself was experiencing semantic satiation. At least - that’s what I got out of it.
Social issues took a back seat to seemingly more relevant threats to the nation. Are so-cons just simply too stuffy to play along if they’re not getting exactly what they want - regardless of what’s going on?


I’ll argue that the “more relevant threats” (at least the internal ones) are symptoms of the social/moral ones.




New polling data from the Faith and Freedom Coalition, headed by pro-life advocate Ralph Reed, shows that the evangelical turnout was up in 2012 for Mitt Romney compared to the 2008 numbers for John McCain.

**The data makes it appear other reasons are behind the Romney loss **to pro-abortion President Barack Obama last night than a failure of social conservative voters to support him.

A national post-election survey commissioned by the Faith and Freedom Coalition last night found that the **evangelical vote increased in 2012 to a record 27% **of the electorate and that white evangelicals voted roughly 78% for Mitt Romney to 21% for Barack Obama. This was the highest share of the vote in modern political history for evangelicals, Reed said.

Poll: Evangelical Turnout Increased in 2012 Over 2008 | LifeNews.com


This social conservative believes there are more important things than ordinary political issues.

Once the life issue becomes just politics then everything else (including America and America’s special place in the world) will collapse.

Yes social issues come first, if not then even the economy will not be important.

Just look at Europe…social issues declined and so their economy is declining. The fabric of Europe’s society is being ripped apart, “I want mine and screw everyone else”.