Obamacare And The IRS


With the on-going revelations regarding the rogue agency known as the IRS, it seems to me The Repubs should do the following: The House should move a bill DEFUNDING the planned thousands of new hires for the IRS - new hires needed to implement and monitor compliance with the so-called Affordable Healthcare Act. With the understandable outrage and distrust of the IRS, such a bill would force the Senate Dems to either vote in favor of defunding or cast a vote that would be viewed by most people as favoring continued confidence in this rogue agency. Defunding would throw a MAJOR monkey wrench into the continued implementation of Obamacare. That fact, coupled with the waning support by several key Dems, just might deliver a fatal blow to this pending healthcare debacle.


That’s an interesting tack to approach this 10,000-pound gorilla. The other day, one of the senators was talking about how this department had “thousands” of honest people working who tried everyday to get through all the many duties given to them by their department heads. I thought to myself, "This is exactly the problem, you moron! You’ve got THOUSANDS of taxpayer-supported salaries to pay for these people to monitor the trillions of dollars filtering through this department! It’s ludicrous. We pay them to monitor the money that we pay them! Chew on that for a minute. They are being paid to harass us because we are not paying our fair share. That’s like I own a restaurant and hire a cook to create dishes for my guests and the cook says AFTER he’s hired that he’ll only cook food for my guests if I pay him more! And I can’t fire him! So, either I pay him more, or he puts me out of business! It’s a dirty, filthy, dung heap, the IRS.