ObamaCare Bites Unionized Educators


As the proverbial offal hits the fan, adjunct instructors and their union leaders are understandably panic-stricken as they finally realize the impact of ObamaCare on their livelihoods.

Union representatives are now sending their members letters stating that “the Affordable Care Act [aka ObamaCare] has defined full time as anyone working over 30 hours a week or 130 hours a month.” Many of these hardworking and well-meaning local labor representatives, who were duped – I mean, told by the American Federation of Teachers Union (AFT) that Obama was the one who would bring all good things to pass – now find themselves in an untenable position.

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Looks like another group has learned that their support of Obama comes with a price. These low information voters failed to understand the consequences of backing Obama and the democrats when as Nancy Pelosi said “we must pass Obamacare to know what is in it”

The initial bill has spawned more rules and regulations which is having businesses do exactly what they can to minimize their expenses. Employers are laying off staff and reducing hours.


A more honest “memo” from the union would have been:


No matter that this woman is correct that this would be a perfect opportunity for administration and the unions to come together and march on Washington for their mutual benefit, she’s nuts if she believes it will happen.

Like she said, how sad that they would squander such a golden opportunity.?

Maybe I’m being too defeatest here. 'Cuz now that there’s a Democrat from Oregon and the Kaiser Foundation angry and breaking the “news-to-them”, (ahem), maybe there is hope, afterall.

But then, that’d take an awful lot of politicians in D.C. having to admit that they should’ve read the bill before passing it into law.
And the chances of that happening are

[Don’t you just love it when I sit here arguing w/myself? LOL]


Pete: I have to say that the video you provided is probably the most obnoxious one I’ve ever seen…:yes: It is good that the radical lefty chickens are finally coming home to roost. That’s what happens when you vote for someone based on the color of their skin. DUH!! And, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving group than unionized public school employees. (I don’t think there is any public school which is not unionized…but I could be mistaken.) HA!! Maybe in God’s great wisdom, BO is going to be the catalyst for the demise of public schools!! Wouldn’t that delight your senses??? :yes:


This is happening folks. The regulations are flowing like an open spigot, and I am writing and speaking about what’s coming to all sorts of employers these days. It’s complex, and it is especially difficult to decipher how to comply when you’re an employer whose workers don’t fit a conventional work pattern.

The crux of it is, if you’re a large employer, you have to need to determine which of your employees is full time. It’s the full timers to whom you must offer coverage, or pay a tax. That’s done by counting hours, but how is that done if your employees are commissioned salesmen, or, as is common in academia, are compensated on the basis of credit hours taught? The unions recognize that the law gives employers the authority to “reasonably” determine their full time employees in these unusual situations, and it looks like employers are taking advantage and deeming some teachers as not being full time - and not eligible for group health benefits.

You know what I think is the bottom line? It won’t affect most employers too badly in the first year or two, because the mandate penalty on individuals is being phased in slowly so slowy. Next year it costs less than $100 to pay the tax and avoid having to pay for unaffordable individual coverage. A lot of employers will likely offer “unaffordable” coverage, and count on their employees to still take that coverage rather than going out into the individual marketplace. Or drop health coverage altogether, and just pay the tax. In both those scenarios, employers don’t get hit with any tax.

Anyway, it’s a more complicated situation than I’ve quickly summarized, but my son wants to go out to eat. I’m sure all this technical stuff is boring anyway.


Sounds to me like trying to poison someone to death by giving them small amounts of antifreeze each day…


Actually quite interesting as this is not the kind of weeds the media gets into…but it is really where the ACTUAL news is occurring. Keep it coming as you discover more implementation issues.