Obamacare Is Falling Apart


So, step one complete. Can the left complete step two, 100 percent socialized healthcare? Will the Replibucans fumble or will they embrace free market solutions?

President Obama has been hammered for his failure on ISIS in the wake of the Paris attacks. But there’s at least one bright spot for him in that criticism: At least it deflected the spotlight from the unfolding catastrophe that is Obamacare.

Indeed, last month brought arguably the worst news for the program since the healthcare.gov debacle: UnitedHealthcare, the nation’s largest insurer, announced that it might quit Obamacare’s exchanges next year. Should UnitedHealthcare act on this threat, there may not be enough (red) tape in the desk drawer of even future President Hillary Clinton to put the Obamacare Humpty Dumpty back together again.


It was doomed to fail. It will unfortunately go down in history as not working out because of those EVIL White Republicans!!


This was so obviously unworkable and incredibly short-sighted and stupid that I don’t believe that its designers actually thought this would work. I have believed that it was meant to fail in order to pave the way for a more solid government solution: Universally socialized healthcare. I doubt that’s possible right now, and that’s where the Replibucans will catch it, especially if a Dem wins the White House. I dunno what happens if the Reps win the White House.


I wish it was not called ObamaCare. Most opponents don’t know why the oppose it, other than because Obama’s name is on it. There has been lots of polling done on this: the Affordable Care Act is FAR more popular than ObamaCare.

Ultimately, we have to articulate the problem with the third party payment system. That is, primarily, why what we had before sucked, why ObamaCare sucks, and why single-payer would suck.


obama has been taking billions out of medicare to fund other projects and it seems now benefits will be cut and cost will go up for medicare part B so obama can give it to terrorists and global warming.


I know exactly why I oppose it. It’s socialistic, and entrusting anything that doesn’t need to be public in the hands of an uninterested government is a disaster. The problem with any redistribution of wealth is that you have to have persons of authority deciding how the wealth is distributed. Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The two adjectives in “Affordable Care Act” are bogus. I don’t prefer Obamacare myself; I prefer Obamadon’tcare…