Obama's CNN gun control townhall


This will supposedly include 50 pro and 50 anti gun control participants and the president. The NRA has declined to officially participate:
“The National Rifle Association sees no reason to participate in a public relations spectacle orchestrated by the White House,” NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam told CNN. I can’t believe that Obama would participate in a fair and open exchange of opinions on this matter. Does anyone here have the intestinal fortitude to actually watch this? I don’t think I do; I might put a live round through the TV.

PS 8PM Eastern for those interested.


I wish somebody would have a chance to really put him on the spot, but it won’t happen - he’ll be in control. I guess that was what FC was talking about when he said that Obama said something about “if it saves the life of one child.” The hypocrite, strongly in favor of abortion, even in the killing of babies who actually survived abortion.


Anti-gun advocates have no experience, generally, with guns so what does their opinion even matter. If you want to craft gun control legislation then you seek experts that know guns and have experience with them.

As I have always said the problems with Democrats is they seek to address the problem and not the cause of the problem. The only way to be rid of the problem is to fix the cause. If people are getting killed by people with mental problems and your solution is gun control you are avoiding the cause. What is so hard to see about this?


At the political level (the gutter), gun control isn’t about crime prevention; it’s about government empowerment at the expense of liberty.


This vid is great! Slight language warning, it’s bleeped at least.

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