Obama's reading material


Once again the big zero is on vacation and on his list of reading materials is a book that is anti Reagan. While that is not a surprise in itself it is typical of a guy who likes to allude to sharing the traits of some other presidents.

Much has been said about Bush’s reading habits but one thing is perfectly clear (sound familiar?)Obama is devoid of actual facts when it comes to his knowledge of history and life in spite of the assertions of his brilliance.

I can be assured he does read because I do know he is good at reading a teleprompter.

On President Obama’s Hawaiian Reading List: Book on President Reagan - FoxNews.com

The author of the book:

Lou Cannon was a reporter for the Washington Post for over 30 years. He covered Ronald Reagan during the 1960s and 70s when Reagan was governor of California, and again while Reagan was President. Cannon was very well acquainted with Reagan and his closest advisors, and was therefore well-positioned to write President Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime.

Cannon presents a frequently disturbing look at the man widely known as the “Great Communicator.” His portrait of Ronald Reagan as President is abysmal. The entire book is based upon the premise that Reagan was emotionally and intellectually unprepared to assume the nation’s highest office. Reagan, born in 1911, was the second child of a poor family. His father was an alcoholic; his mother although caring and supportive, enabled her husband’s addiction.

Book Review - President Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime by Lou Cannon - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com