Obama's see-no-evil, do-nothing Justice Department ignores voting rights


Obama’s see-no-evil, do-nothing Justice Department ignores voting rights
By: J. Christian Adams 12/15/10 8:05 PM
The Washington Examiner

Civil Rights Division Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez has become the Department’s lead bamboozler. “During the prior administration, civil rights was closed for business,” he told a Pittsburgh crowd last week. The Obama presidential campaign elevated the purported inactivity of the Bush DOJ voting section to a priority campaign issue, promising to “reinvigorate the enforcement activities” of the section.

Attorney General Eric Holder now travels the country trumpeting a phony “reopening” of civil rights enforcement. Perez speaks dreamily of “restoration and transformation” of the Civil Rights Division. Compliant news reporters publish this spin without a whiff of skepticism.

During his presidential campaign, Obama bewailed the number of vote-dilution lawsuits filed by the Bush DOJ under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act to protect racial minorities. Yet how many lawsuits did his DOJ bring? Exactly one.

Even the investigation of that single case, which I personally filed in March 2009, was approved during the last year of the Bush administration.

The criticisms of the Bush Justice Department: cluelessness as to the true nature of the job? fact-free partisan crap? a smokescreen to obscure intent to corrupt the Justice department?