Obama's Successful Governance Strategy


I’ll be very brief, because the truth of what I have to say is self-evident.

Throughout his reign, Obama and his administrative acolytes have governed - successfully from his/their perspective - by creating one scandal after another and invoking executive privilege nearly at will, along with applying one foreign policy misconception after another.

It appears his strategy has been one of producing as much turmoil as possible on virtually every front in an effort - largely successful - to reduce or eliminate his opposition’s ability to focus on and successfully challenge his policies/executive orders, etc.

From the “Fast And Furious” gun running to the Mexican cartel to Benghazi to the IRS targeting of conservatives to the premature withdrawal from Iraq to his refusal to secure our border and Justice Dept lawyers lying to a federal judge regarding illegal immigration to the latest bathroom flap, Obama gets his way. Most Americans are pissed - but so what? Obama gets his way.

The Strategy - Create enough turmoil to divert the attention of a timid congress and do so in front of a largely disengaged electorate and you can implement your personal agenda - the Constitution be damned!! In this scheme, the courts become largely irrelevant - by the time the process is “stonewalled” and the individual challenges work their way through the various court levels, the desired result/policy/agenda is in place.


A timid Congress is the key here but I doubt they really are timid. I think the GOP Congress is all in with Obama, they’re not who they claim to be.




But the tale of the tape will put the blame squarely NOT on Obama, but rather the Republican Congress who could have stopped him many times and did not, in fact made no effort or even a mention of his illegal Presidency. He could have been stopped, then impeached and finally imprisoned, but none of it happened.

Obama did not take down America the GOP did.