In addition to Ben Carson’s “One Nation” (which I haven’t finished yet, but will report on here when I do), I’m also reading a book titled “The Osama Bin Laden Files”, and subtitled “Letters and Documents Discovered by Seal Team 6 During Their Raid on bin Laden’s Compound”.

I haven’t finished THAT yet either, but will likewise report on it in detail here when I finish it.

Curiously, the book doesn’t even show an editor (since it’s a compilation of letters and documents already written), but nearest I can tell it was authored by “The Combating Terrorism Center”, some kind of “Think Tank”. It was published by “Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.” in New York (West Point, I think), and at skyhorsepublishing.com.

In the little bit that I have read, there are two things that stick out.

  1. The letters show that there was quite a bit of disagreement between OBL and his second in command at Al Qa’ida, Ayman Mohammed Rabie al-Zawahiri, the cleric from Egypt. Actually, “disagreement” is an understatement. The two were bitterly at each others throats, hurling some pretty nasty epithets at each other in their letters.

They may have given the appearance of a moderately unified approach in front of the press, but the letters certainly don’t indicate that.

They substantially disputed things like Al Qa’ida’s alignment with other terrorist organizations; for example, al-Zawahiri favoring merging with the Somali terrorist organization. I’m getting the distinct impression OBL wanted to keep Al Qa’ida for himself, and was essentially a narcissistic megalomaniac. Zawahiri appears to be a “true zealot”, while OBL looks like he was just a two-bit street thug.

  1. Ironically, OBL dispenses advice to his subordinates in Pakistan on how to maintain SECURITY. Yeah, right.
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