Ocasi-Cortez Takes Strong Stand For Women's Rights


News reports are surfacing regarding the strong and very courageous stand Rep. Ocasio-Cortes recently took in defense of women’s rights.

Last Saturday night Ms. Ocasio-Cortes, while she was attending the annual New York City Ventriloquist Convention held at Radio City Music Hall, proudly displayed the qualities that attracted Democrats to her campaign for the House.

Every year the top ventriloquists from all over the country are invited to attend the event and many are allowed to perform. It is being reported she became outraged during one of the performances. She became upset when one of the performers used stereotypes of women in his effort to be humorous.

It was during this ventriloquist’s routine that Ms. Ocasio-Cortes became visibly upset and stood to verbally express her displeasure and stated, “You misogynistic bastard, who the hell do you think you are? You A-Hole, you should be ashamed.”

Reportedly, the ventriloquist was very embarrassed and visibly shaken at the reaction of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. As a result, with head down he began to apologize to the crowd and to her when she interrupted him and said, “Mister, you stay out of this. I’m talking to the little bastard sitting on your knee.”

This made up little funny probably has more credibility than Michael Cohen’s testimony.

Yep, she fits right in to the House Oversight Committee. LMAO


She is an enemy of the nation and should be treated as such.


She is a Democrat Party fascist who acts like a 2 year old partisan who has temper tantrums on a daily basis. I hope she continues to be a major face for Democrat Party. It shows who they are.