Ocasio-Cortez - Shares Her Thoughts On Roe vs Wade


The Left’s deepest thinker and go-to person on subjects of substance, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, recently sat down for a televised interview. The interviewer, a noted journalist who obviously supports the Left’s position on abortion/infanticide (are there any who don’t? - but, I digress) asked Ms. Ocasio-Cortes her opinion regarding Roe vs Wade.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, after giving the question considerable thought, responded by stating that Roe vs Wade were the two methods most immigrants use to cross the river when entering the United States.

Once again, AOC demonstrates she is presidential material. ROTFLMAO!!

Admit it, some of you were ready to believe this to be true!!


Alexandria Occasional Cortex had a thought? Huh, I wonder who put it there?


It had to be implanted verbally since her reading and reasoning skills are limited.


Now THAT’S funny! :joy:


I have to admit that when I saw the line “Ocasio-Cortez shares her thoughts,” I was thinking it would be a good title for an article from the Onion…

I don’t know if she’s really that dim (in which case it’s not her fault) or if she isn’t using the brain she has (in which case it is), but she’s something else…


Wait a minute. Having read her alleged response, are we sure this isn’t from the Onion?


I don’t think you should have to make stuff up about her to get a laugh.

She put up such a fuss that Amazon chose to not open a second headquarters in NY. She actually thought she was saving $2.8 billion in tax breaks. She apparently either didn’t know or didn’t believe that they’d get much more than that in new taxes, never mind all the new jobs that were lost.

The truth reads like an Onion story too.


In the Amazon case, I actually agree with her. :vb-eek: :scream: Although I doubt for the same reasons. I don’t like the government- any level- influencing business decisions, especially on the backs of taxpayers. I don’t trust a politician to make investments with my money because (among other things) he has no proverbial skin in the game. Yeah, he might look bad, but he’s a politician who (in this case, as well as many others) is skilled at spinning some of the most dumb-posterior (or in some cases, out-and-out nefarious) decisions into looking like something else. He (and you and I, for that matter) doesn’t know that Amazon will continue to be prosperous. It might not be; someone might come along with a more successful way of doing things, leaving Amazon (and NY taxpayers) in the lurch; after all, time was when no one thought that malls would be struggling.

As to AOC, probably her only objection is that it’s Amazon(dot)com instead of Amazon(dot)gov…


I join you in your distrust of government meddling. Though I take this as an admission that the government charges too much in taxes–so much that they had to give a discount to attract a business that would have kept fresh taxes rolling in.


I agree, Ken. If you have to BRIBE a business to locate in your community/State, it’s a sign that you are taxing too much in the first place. Businesses SHOULD locate on the basis of having low taxes, but more importantly on the basis of having a ready supply of skilled labor (or a supply of TRAINABLE labor) as well as a ready supply of customers wealthy enough to purchase your products without the added cost of shipping them across the country.


New York State has admitted that they charge too much in taxes here in Florida in ads they run on the local stations. The state invites business to open locations in New York State with the enticement that they will get tax relief for 10 years. Any business person who is dumb enough not to ask what is going to happen to them after those 10 years deserves to get caught on that flypaper.

Russ Limbaugh commented about how New York chased him for years after he decided to move his operation to south Florida. Once they get their hooks into you, it hard not to get reeled into their greedy web forever.

You could not pay me to live in New York, California or Illinois. The trouble is their stupid citizens are moving out of New York and California and coming to Texas and Florida among other states. They are bringing their demented high tax, high regulation politics with them and are determined to impose them on us. They are too dumb or brainwashed in their school systems to figure out why their states are business hostile and why they had trouble making their financial ends meet.

We almost elected corrupt socialist Andrew Gilliam governor. Next time he or one of his socialist buddies will probably make it over the finish line … They are so close (less than a 1% margin) it’s frightening.


Mobil Oil (before its merger with Exxon) used to allow its New York employees to move to Texas a year or so prior to retirement. If they’d retired while LIVING in New York, the New York tax hogs would pursue them to wherever they’ve relocated after retirement and try to tax their retirement income, too.


I don’t understand how any state can hound citizens who’ve moved to a different state. Rush Limbaugh complains that NY still pesters him for proof that he doesn’t owe NY tax. It seems he should just be able to tell them to go pound sand and be done with it. The burden of proof should be on the state.


They are just following the federal government’s lead; in tax matters, you are guilty until proven innocent and required to maintain evidence and testify against yourself.


Yesterday I ate bacon with more intelligence than AOC has ever encountered.


IMHO - Amazon and its shareholders would best be served if the company simply cut out all the intrigue and other Bezos self-aggrandizing BS and located in Texas - perhaps the most business friendly state in the country and a state with an educated, readily available workforce. In fact, it’s been my experience most of the workforce in Texas still possesses a traditional work ethic - translation: They want to work and willingly show up without the need of being threatened that their welfare check will be cut off (as often is the case in such Leftist meccas as New York)…