OF Bed Bugs And Politics


The bug people, Orkin, just published their list of the 10 cities in the United States with the worst bed bug infestation.

Ranked the very worst was Baltimore, a notoriously filthy metropolis routinely exhibiting feckless city leadership. Baltimore was followed closely by Washington, DC. The only surprise here is that DC did not lead the nation. Holding down the 10th spot on Orkin’s list of most infested cities was Dallas. Not surprisingly, the list included Los Angeles, San Fran, Detroit and Chicago, among other filth-laden locations.

One might reasonably ask, what do ALL 10 of these “hot-beds” (pardon the pun) of bed bug infestation have in common?

Every last one of the top 10 cities on Orkin’s list is run by Democrats…

Coincidence? Try running a Chi Square analysis of probability on this little gem!! .


Well, all big cities are run by Democrats. Bedbugs are a (comparatively) side issue to me. A bigger issue to me is that Democrat leadership siphons off rural tax dollars to subsidize these cesspools.


You mistake the presence of bedbugs as the central point. Consistently poor management of city governments by Dems was my point. I