Off shore drilling


Does anyone have a problem with the fact that Trump exempted one state from offshore drilling?


Not particularly. Why? Do you?


I guess it depends on the reason.


I don’t even know what the issue is in reference to.


It’s probably because Florida strictly forbids drilling in Florida waters. This is a long standing thing. Since before I was first stationed there in 2001 anyways.




And then…


What he said.


So what about other places that have, before this announcement, strickly banned drilling, should they be exempt as well?


None have.


Even if that’s true, if a state wishes to ban off-shore drilling, would you think the state could exempt itself?

Where are you with respect to states rights on this issue?


Individual States do NOT own their own continental shelves. The Constitution makes it pretty clear that they are controlled by the NATIONAL government. I think Florida’s concerns are unfounded, but I understand how the elites who control their beaches prefer not to look out on the horizon and see the lights of a drilling platform. After all, Teddy Kennedy didn’t want to look out from Martha’s Vineyard and see wind turbines so unilaterally stopped THAT plan.


So if individual states don’t have a say in drilling in this coastal waters, how does “It’s probably because Florida strictly forbids drilling in Florida waters.” Make any sense?


I didn’t say that. Florida is a sovereign State and can pass any law it deems appropriate. That DOESN’T mean that it has the ability or authority to ENFORCE that law.


So wait, I asked:

Does anyone have a problem with the fact that Trump exempted one state from offshore drilling?

You responded:

Devil neck said:

Now I presume “Florida waters” are waters inside the coast, though I’m not clear that’s what DN meant.

To which I asked

And you said:

So my question remains…

Does anyone think it strange that Trump exempted Florida, a state where Trump owns a resort and opened up the entire rest of the country?

How does exempting a tiny island off the cost of MA equate to exempting an entire state from something that affects the entire nation?

You really can’t see the inconsistency there? I mean it would be one thing for certain places to apply for exemptions for specific reasons, but, then we’d be back to regulating and that what you all seem to oppose…


President Trump also owns a seaside golf resort in New Jersey, but hasn’t exempted New Jersey from his mandate. What’s your point? Maybe the Florida governor convinced the DoE that any drilling off of Florida should be done over the horizon so as to be invisible from the shore. Maybe he convinced it that any possible spill would make it to the beaches destroying the Florida tourist economy. Who knows why? It didn’t HAVE to have a single thing to do with Mar a Lago or any Trump property.


No; I have a bigger problem that the Feds decide the issue at all.

This sort of thing should be left to the judgement of the States.


I don’t necessarily disagree with you, but Trump arbitrarily (and I say that because he’s given no justification that I’m aware of) exempting the entire state of FL, just seems incredibly self-serving and I’m just surprised that people here are so quick to assume the intentions of those they disagree with and equally quick to brush things like this aside.


First, I don’t know many people that go to New Jersey for the turquoise water and beautiful sights and I’m pretty sure that Mr. Moore wasn’t going to drop that rig off the shores of Trump’s property in NJ. Perhaps he should, maybe NJ will get an exemption as well?

Though having said that, I can’t find a Gold Course in NJ owned by trump closer than 10 miles from shore…What course are you talking about?


This was a problem before Trump. Alaska was banned about 5 years ago not just from offshore drilling, but drilling in land called the Petroleum Reserve.

It’s because of that ban that the Alaska economy faltered, while North Dakota’s soared, and eventually produced more natural gas & oil.

Federal bureaucrats made the “hard” call, yet weren’t the ones to pay the price for it. Only Alaskans did.

… and people wonder why Alaska has an independence movement…


Sure, I understand that, but this is different that. Trump removed all exemptions for every state. Agree or disagree, you can say his choice was consistent.

However, it still surprises me that people would be ok with the President just declaring a single state exempt. I mean, none of you can see how arbitrary decisions like this could, as you’ve pointed out be used by the President to coerce states?

Perhaps it’s already been done. If it has, I’m not in support of it and I don’t understand why anyone would be insupport of the way the decision was made here, even if you agree with the decision itself.