Officer Illegally Detains Rifle from Father Hiking with Scout Son


The conflict between law enforcement and armed military personnel in the community around Fort Hood, one of America’s largest military bases, has recently and repeatedly involved the issue of gun control — and the tension has been exacerbated in part by an Obama-supporting prosecutor described as a “bandleader” of anti-gun efforts in the heavily conservative community.

The conflict reached a fever pitch last month, when Texas police arrested an active-duty Army sergeant for “rudely displaying” a hunting rifle. The sergeant, C.J. Grisham, established an online legal defense fund after he was, in his words, “illegally arrested and disarmed” for carrying the firearm.

Read more: Police, ‘anti-gun’ prosecutor clash with soldiers in area around Fort Hood [VIDEO] | The Daily Caller


Written story at the link is downright scary.
This guy should collect big for false arrest etc. …maybe the financial hit will wake someone in the town up.


I bet this soldier is so glad he puts his life on the line to “defend our rights.” This nazi should be stripped of his badge and commission and slinging chicken at the local Go Chicken Go, providing any fast food joint would be that desperate.


That cop is a douche bag.


Notice that his is in Texas too.

Just sayin…


Watch yourself JStang… This is most likely some cop who moved here from Yankeeland or some misguided fool from one of our major cities.


Yep, agreed. Remember what I’ve said about Texas becoming the next Flahriduh? It’s the new Silicon Valley, and lots of liberal college kids are going there for tech jobs. They won’t win out in rural areas, but if the libs take over the cities, Texas turns into exactly what the video shows.


Not likely my part of Yankeeland.


“You’re under arrest.”

“For what?”

“Resisting arrest.”


Those charges have now been dropped to interfering with police business, lol.


Actually you will be surpried to learn that in the rural area there are a few democrats the hold office. Problem with the rural areas are is that they are alot of BlueDogs. Unfortunately they call themselves democrats but are in truth Conservatives in denial.


Its more like they are old democrats relics from when southern conservatives were democrats and just have refused to change parties