Official (basically): It's Trump/Pence 2016


Please discuss:

How do you feel about Pence? What do you know about him? How will this help Trump?


I’ve never heard of Pence.


Mike Pence, governor of Indiana?


**Mike Pence, governor of Indiana? **
Nope, never heard of him. But then I don’t follow other states politics at all because it sickens me to see how liberal they are getting. Anyway as I’ve said before, I vote for the party that has my goals, not the guy or girl running.


Mike Pence is well regarded in Republican circles - generally viewed as conservative by nearly all in the Republican Party. Has experience in Congress as well as executive experience as Gov of Indiana. He might bring a few conservatives to Trump who otherwise might be on the fence.

However, I do not think he adds much to the ticket. Then again, he doesn’t subtract from the ticket either, I suppose. I view him as pretty much pure vanilla. He is not known as a particularly strong speaker. I doubt if he will be able to verbally clean up Trump’s misstatements/mistakes as Gingrich would be able to do.

Bottom line - IF this isn’t a “head fake” (and it might well be), Pence is certainly a better choice than Christie.

I think Gingrich would be a significantly better choice - he would make a VERY strong case during the VP debate. He would be better able to keep Trump under some semblance of control, if that’s even possible.

I guess I’m saying Pence leaves me kind of flat - yawn!!


His campaign needs a level heard and calm person. Last time we wanted someone that wasn’t a “yawn” they gave us Trump. I do not need my leaders to be great speakers or always in the news I just need them to do their damn job and do it well.


Gingrich is a level headed, calm individual and a MUCH better debater than Pence is likely to be. That said, in the end I doubt it will make much difference. Trump himself will either win or lose this race.


A word that I believe is important & yet I never hear people say is “electable”. Let’s take Mitt for instance. Sure I voted for him because I vote Republican but I never thought that he was electable. To me he generated the same electric feeling as plain mashed potatoes (without butter, salt or pepper). In other words…totally bland. Well totally bland does not do well when compared to a public speaker like Obama. Say what you will about Obama but he can give one heck of a speech (Hitler could too). Mitt just didn’t come across as a man of the people or at least it didn’t come across like he could relate to people. He & Obama were a terrible match up. Trump can at least give Hillary tit for tat in an argument (or debate). Now each of you seems to have your favorite candidate & I get that but would you still back him if you knew that he would end up losing? Is it more important to you that your guy runs or that a Republican wins? That’s the real question. And the real answer here is who has the best chance of winning against Hillary. And that question applies NOT to republican but to those that aren’t in either party because those are the people that really elect the president. Neither party has enough on it’s own to elect anyone without the uncommitted. So that’s who the candidates have to go after.
Here’s something I find interesting. I have a neighbor who is a FOREVER democrat. He not only votes that way but he preaches democrat just about every time he opens his mouth so he’s what I would call a true believer. Yet one day we were talking & he dropped the bomb that he likes what Trump says & is going to vote for him. What??? While I find that wonderful I also find it somewhat insane but then I’ve never thought of the democrats as sane anyway. But the point is that I’m feeling that Trump is electable.
Now here’s the way I feel about voting. Do what you want. Don’t like Trump then either don’t vote or vote for Hillary. Just don’t come back & cry when you have to start calling people comrade & 50% of your paycheck goes to the government because they know better what to do with your money than you do.


I’m new to this politics thing, but as I see it Devilneck, this entire VP process was an odd one for a candidate who has some clear inroads to make to give himself a shot. I understand this is about picking the best person for the job, but, he will have a very tough time getting the job without an increase in support from women, hispanics, and minority voters. This being stated, if he wanted the best shot at winning he should have chosen a well qualified Hispanic or even a female VP.

Now, that’s me seeing it from the political objective. As it were, his choice of Pence was made to appease the Conservatives who doubt him and to ensure he raises money from said sources. Let’s face it, Trump is not a Conservative on many issues. He needed to bring some comfort and gain some rallying from the Conservative base. He is being outspent 40-1 in the key swing states at the moment by the Democrats, unless he starts raising large sums of money and spending, he is going to be swamped in commercial ads.

Most Americans are rightfully unhappy with their choices in this election. Both candidates have the highest negatives in presidential history. A strong, calm, sound Conservative will help him behind the scenes and I believe can only have an impact on his belief system that will bring him more right, whether he understands it yet or not. Ultimately though, I don’t think it appeals to those he needs to appeal to: the independents, undecided and jaded Bernie supporters.I really liked Newt as I believe he would have been a great debater and make strong arguments. Unfortunately, his age was the biggest barrier. Christie is too much like Trump, strong willed and opinionated. He is also a strong debater, but, he might rub people the wrong way. Pence is the safe choice for his base he has been trying to unite.


Back in the old days picking a VP was more of a slide rule choice. Who gives me either the most popular votes (where I need them) or can swing a key state my way. Lately I really don’t know how they are picking them.


Pence is good but he is needed in IN. He is running against a socialist that will take the election if they can’t replace him with a strong conservative.

Trump already has the 11 electoral votes for IN. Pence provides no strategic value to Trump.


Plus, Pence is a typical, wishy-washy, establishment sort of RINO. Also, he got filthy rich taking advantage of Congress’ exemption from insider trading laws. Bad, bad choice.


Couldn’t agree more. Never heard of Pence. Leaves me flat, too.


Well, Trump has not made it official, so I’ll wait. He still might pick Gingrich.


I’m not sure that I’ve ever heard this about Pence. Then again, I don’t pay all too much attention to yankee politicians, unless they become carpetbaggers, and those tick me off.

I know his record on the 2nd Amendment is pretty spotless.


I think Trump knows what he is doing in choosing someone who defected off of Ted Cruz’s sinking ship. This will likely bring at least 1,000 conservatives who were on the fence out to vote for Mike Pence. He is a strong conservative for the most part, which gives him good balance to Trump’s bobbing policy.


Well, he is definitely pro-life and I like his views and voting record on education. He is definitely not pro public schools. This could get very, very interesting.:popc1:


“Ah-hem”… Reagan was a “Yankee” politician.


Listening to Pence I now see how his value and can be an asset. As the saying goes “it’s the economy stupid” and this is where he would best be utilized.

Indiana has a $2B surplus, a high increase in private sector jobs while a decrease in government jobs. He has used tax cuts successfully for a decade. There are always going to be weaknesses in a candidate, for the purposes of Trumps campaign, he needs to sell Pence as a solid economic leader and his role on the Foreign Affairs Committee. It appears Trump is going to try to promote himself via the “law and order” route, I think this would be a mistake if he tried to make this the centrepiece. His strength needs to be on the economy and job “encouragement”, if Trump can piggy back off of Pences record, he may have a slim chance at winning. My money is still on Clinton, but this race could change if Trump raises alot of money and spends.

Clinton has a large bullseye to hit due to Trumps excessively divisive speech. However, with all the spending that has been done by the Democrats with nary any movement on the needle, they have to be concerned. Obama has relied on debt, record levels of debt; and the next president will need to take this into consideration when trying to guide the U.S through the obvious perils. Pence is one of the few governors who can be utilized as a no-nonsense economic Conservative who can provide clear fiscal policy leadership.

His social policies don’t mesh with mine, but his economic concepts are in line. It will be an interesting balancing act, some obvious contrasts between them.


I know next to nothing of Pence. But I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt - since Levin spoke last week of how highly he thought of Pence.

It matters little at this point - except that Trump is 70 years old and obviously does not understand the job he’s getting into. There are a LOT of crises, financial and geopolitical, all coming to a head. Nothing I see tells me he has any answers.

The shock that comes of him finding this job is stressful beyond measure, may be enough to fell him dead. I don’t wish it; but I see him as, frankly, a political naif. The shock of the reality will be a real stomach-churner.