Oh yeah, pro-abortionists aren't nuts are they?


This nutcase should be prosecuted for vandalism. Great arguments for abortion, right?

VIDEO: Pro-Choice Fanatic Destroys Anti-Abortion Signs at Ohio University | Abortion Debate | Fox Nation


I heard about it. If it’s on video, she’s in doo-doo…


It’s on video. I hope the pro-lifers don’t let this go without prosecution.


Lawlz. Religious anti abortionists kill doctors that perform abortions and bomb abortion clinics and this person is the nutcase?


Watched the video… I mean you have to at least commend her on endurance, that was quite a lot of pointless work


Tell me…if this nut can be viewed as representative of the pro-choice movement, can we also assume that Fred Phelps is representative of Christianity…?


A VERY FEW ISOLATED anti-abortionists attack MURDERERS and MURDER FACILITIES, and a woman who SUPPORTS MURDER of the unborn throwing an ILLEGAL tantrum should be swept under the rug?


For the record, the majority of pro-lifers oppose any kind of violence but especially attempts to murder or maim abortion providers or employees of abortion mills. I have been to hundreds of pro-life marches and demonstrations and in all my years I have never met one single person who advocated or condoned violence done to the opposing side. Those few who have a twisted idea about abortion and take it upon themselves to punish those who are pro-abortion are just as wrong as those who perform or take part in abortions. Violence begets violence. The horrific crime of abortion has so numbed us into believing that life is cheap and expendable that it is no surprise why violence and murder has escalated in this country for decades. Anyone who attempts to kill or harm an abortionist or one who works in an abortion mill should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and I do believe that they have been.


Contrary to popular belief, few anti-abortionists have attacked abortion clinics. There are two other groups of people who are more likely to attack them. 1) Someone trying to make the the anti-abortionists look bad, while approving of abortion themselves; 2) People whose lives have been adversely affected by abortion. In any case, if something does happen to an abortion clinic or provider, it is immediately blamed on the anti-abortionists before it is even investigated. I read a fiction account - but I believe it was based on an actual incident - where an incendiary device was set up in just one room of an abortion clinic, and destroyed the sonogram device. The fingerprints of the doctor running the “clinic” were found on it. Later on, it was discovered that that “clinic” had been sending their patients to the hospital for sonograms for a month before this happened, because their machine wasn’t working. The case went to the insurance company, and the police investigator didn’t know the resolution thereof. But the man had obviously set up the “attack” in order to get the insurance company to buy them a new sonogram.

I believe Dr. Tiller met his end at the hand of someone whose wife or girlfriend had had an abortion.


Let’s put away the paint cans and stop painting people with brooms, folks.

While vandalism of Pro-Life displays and such happens with some frequency, the perps are not even a significant minority of Pro-Abortion folks.

That I’m aware of - and I have checked out Pro-Abortionists’ webpages about Pro-Life peoples’ “violence” (stink bombs are called “chemical attacks” - wrong actions, but exaggerated to suit the agenda) - there have been two killers of abortionists (and abortuary staff). One was not particularly religious. Both have been utterly condemned - at the time - by Pro-Life groups and people. Both hold /held Pro-Life people in utter contempt.

The Phelpsians are affiliated with no one but themselves, and have been long condemned by theologically conservative Christians. And the Phelpsians have done the same for even longer.

All that said, biggles & BOP, what is your opinion of the vandalism?


Who are Phelpsians?


LOL! I’ll give her that! Her rants were also pointless and quite incoherent.


I found this cartoon recently



The link doesn’t work.


Fixed it.


If you take this stance, the other side will, too.

The isolation of incidents does not make them any less horrific, especially when murder or terrorism is involved. And vandalism is never okay, either.


Still doesn’t work.


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Fred Phelps and his ilk.

I also contrasted the character of the incidents; action (however silly and ineffectual) against those who protest the murder of the unborn, vs. action (albeit much more severe) against the mass murderers themselves.