Oh yes: Romney leads Trump 31/15 in New Hampshire poll


Given that the deadline to file for the New Hampshire ballot was three days ago, I’m not surewhy the Globe felt this was necessary. Maybe they wanted to show people how soft Trump’s support in the state really is, despite all of the polls there showing him leading?
If so, it would have been nice to make that point when Romney was still viable as a potential candidate. Right now, looking at Rubio’s relative weakness in New Hampshire, I’ll bet a lot of establishmentarians who are worried about Trumpmentum would think hard about Romney 3.0 as a last-ditch bid to stop him.
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LOL :biggrin: Trump wins Iowa. Romney gets in to stop Trump and wins New Hampshire. Talk about your tables turning. There would be some real foaming-at-the-mouth.


Ah crap…Romney can’t run in New Hampshire…:biggrin:


I wasn’t aware that Romnulus was running again?


He says he is not running so the point of the OP is lost.


No I just thought the uproar would be funny if he did get in. Just seems to show how confused the GOP is.


They are grasping at straws, because they know if an outsider gets in, they may have trouble maintaining their phoney baloney jobs. They are scared out of their wits that Trump may get in. They know he owes them nothing, and he can really upset their apple cart. Serves them right.
They are as corrupt as the Dems.


Since 1992 New Hampshire has given their paltry 4 Electoral Votes to the Democrats all but one year, they also allow Primary voters to vote for either Party’s candidate.

So of course this reliably Blue State with an open Primary would choose an Establishment Leftist like Romney over a candidate that the Establishment GOP Left despises; I could have told this tale without spending a nickel on polling data.

The real mystery is why anybody takes Iowa and New Hampshire seriously to begin with.


Exactly. Romney isn’t running, even he knows that the GOPe is in trouble. The new faces are Trump, Cruz, Carson and Fiorina. Fiorina and Carson have been dropping in the polls and Cruz now places second in Iowa. I think we may very well see a Trump Cruz run off … that is if Trump doesn’t decide to run 3rd party.


In 1992 Pat Buchanan garnered 37% against a sitting president who won a popular war but also said “read my lips…”. There was a lively democrat primary going on so I don’t think there was any cross-over. In 1996 Buchanan defeated a field of Dole, Lugar, Lamar Alexander, Steve Forbes and Alan Keyes. The entire East Coast GOP Establishment proceeded to smear him with a coordinated campaign to stop him in South Carolina. I think that many taking the Romney/Trump poll considered it a joke. He has a big lead there over the real GOP field.


In the general New Hampshire supports the Extreme Left almost all the time, in years when the Democrats cannot cross over due to concerns with their own Primary the Conservative minority can post some significant percentages in the Primary but the general election tells the story about what that State is really about

Iowa is the same story, they have gone hard left since 1988 except for one squeaker in 2004, there is just no reason for Conservatives to pretend these “first two” hold any significance in determining who they should support in the Primary season.


there is just no reason for Conservatives to pretend these “first two” hold any significance in determining who they should support in the Primary season.
That is true. Colorado polls much differently than Iowa or New Hampshire.


The obvious reason for the poll and related non-story has everything to do with an attempt to take down Trump. There can be no other reason for it.

I personally think Trump will be a disaster in the general election should he be the nominee, but I call 'em as I see 'em and this story could come out now for only one reason - the one I gave.

Given the facts on the ground at home and abroad, this election should be a slam dunk for Republicans - sadly, with Trump creating a diversion a minute and taking the focus off Clinton and Obama and placing it on himself, it will not be.

If we can’t beat the Democrats this time, then just when the hell can we expect to beat them? We have a field of serious, well grounded and knowledgeable candidates - and the former and perhaps present statist - Trump.

I keep hearing Trump supporters claim we wouldn’t be talking about illegal immigration if it weren’t for Trump, or taxation or a list of other important issues. Bullsh*t. What we wouldn’t be having is an inflammatory conversation where one of the candidates - Trump - has to explain daily what he meant to say during some sloppy, loose-language comment he made the day before.

In my opinion, Trump’s polling popularity is as much a product of the media hype/focus he receives as anything else. No one else draws the media attention like Trump. If I were a mainstream media type, in the tank for Hillary Clinton, I would place my attention on Trump - and virtually ignore the other candidates. If the only add for cornflakes you see is for Kelloggs, then that is likely going to be the brand you buy, even though several good brands are available.

Trump plays well now in front of frustrated Republicans hungry for “red meat”, but should he be the nominee there can be no doubt the same media that helped him secure the Republican nomination will promote and cover and distort for Hillary in the general election, while using every slight/every inflammatory remark/deed ever uttered or done by Trump against him - and they will have no shortage of ammunition.


Conservatives need to start thinking about how to retain the Senate and the House. Those are the institutions in which conservatism still remains influential.


New Hampshire is full of former New Yorkers who made their fortunes from crony capitalism, dealing with the far left Democrats and then “retired” in comfort to comparatively low-tax New Hampshire and continue to promote their stupidity there! Much the same as Washington and Oregon have experienced from left-wingers from California.


No mystery, many people want to associate with a winner. One or two early victories is worth a lot of votes in March. Why do you think Santorum and Huckabee are still in the race. They are hoping for a miracle repeat in Iowa to revive their campaigns.


That’s correct. The “bandwagon effect” is well documented. It is hoped that a good showing in those two states might lead to campaign contributions. Often works to pump up coffers if you are at or near the front, but it rarely enhances funding for the “tit hangers” in those two primaries.