Ohio estate tax


Just heard on the news that Governor Kasich (Ohio) is going to push a bill to stop Ohio’s estate tax. No link yet. I have my doubts about this guy, he has somewhat of a RINO past, but so far he’s moving in the right direction.


In my state they are talking about raising the car license fees. The state upped it $20 last year and now they want more. I just renewed my driver’s license and it jumped from $10 to $30


Last time I renewed my license it was $37, I have a CDL so it’s about $10 more then a regular one. Just did my plates last month. It was $54, would have been $64 if I opted for the wonderful new designer plates they are offering. They also passed a law that if you are more then a week late they tack on $20 per plate. So if a couple cars and a trailer or two are in your name that adds up quick.

Funny story. My birthday is in December. One year I forgot to renew my plates. I’m running around until March on expired plates. On the way to the DMV I get pulled over for it. The officer comes to the window and already in my hand is my title, renewal notice and a check already made out to the DMV. The cop laughed and said he believed me that I was on my way but just couldn’t let it go after 3 months. So on to the DMV where we all get a good chuckle out of it. The next Monday I get the pleasure of going to the Municipal Court where I get to hand MY MOTHER the ticket and fine. She was a Deputy Clerk at the time. She didn’t see the humor nearly as much as the cop, DMV and the other court employees.


My plates used to be $48 for years then they decided it was $78 and then $98 and as I said they are talking about raising it. I remember when Governor Ryan had Illinois First and how it was going to help out the state greatly.

In this plan, many fees were raised and there was a lot of road construction being done outside of Chicago. Chicago always has road construction year around so it does not count.

Bottom line the state is in a deep financial hole and while the Governor pleads poverty he is still pushing projects like a third airport that the airlines do not want as well as high speed rail and others. Meanwhile I understand Indiana has signs welcoming the businesses here to go there.


I just renewed my CDL as well as the registration on my Peterbilt and my pickup, all were due by the end of February.

Peterbilt was $2600.00
Highway Use Tax (for the Pete) $550.00
CA Permit (for the Pete) $120.00
BIT enrollment (for the Pete) $360.00
Pickup was $340.00 with “smog test”
CDL was $39.00
Mandatory “drug test enrollment” (for the CDL) $125.00

$4134.00 before insurance just to drive one pickup to where one big rig is parked and legally use the California highways with each vehicle for ONE year.

Governor Moonbeam and his Demoncrat Legislature are mulling the idea of raising all these “fees” by 50 percent on the evil despicable class in my State, business owners like me.

My wife’s car is on top of all that.


Time to move:Thud:



Don’t I know it.
The biggest mistake of my adult life has been to set roots down in this State. I can’t even claim ignorance because I knew this States viable days were numbered many years ago.

Stupidity is supposed to hurt, I have known that for a long time as well.


Then why isn’t the entire Obama White House crippled up on the floor? :rofl: