Ohio race just got closer after county finds hundreds of uncounted votes




BS. The Democrats pulled this same crap in Minnesota to get their moron “certified” a few years back. It’s good to see that they haven’t changed tactics since we’re on to them now.


The democrat party is a much bigger threat to our elections than the Russians ever were.


I don’t know how this current race is going to come out, but I’m pretty sure the Dem, O’Connor, will win the seat in November.

I saw and heard Balderson on TV last week for the first time. My impression: The guy is a wimp without one scintilla of “command presence”/charisma. In addition, he had to read from his notes to deliver a 80 second speech during the recent Trump rally in Ohio.

The current race to fill a short-term vacancy in this Ohio congressional district is EXTREMELY close and appears to prove the point that Repubs can’t run a “stiff” in these races and expect to win. Without Trump’s rally for Balderson earlier last week, he might have lost a “safe” Repub congressional seat by as many as10 points…

It’s too bad, but in an era of having to run against not only your Dem opponent, but media support for Dem candidates as well, being correct on the issues/policy is very likely not going to be enough.

One final point. Pundits, even on FOX, consistently refer to many Dems as “moderates” and characterize them at election time as “moving to the center”, when in fact the only thing that moves to the center is their rhetoric.

There is little that is “moderate” about Democrat candidates - look at their lock-step, obstructionist voting record on illegal immigration, for example. As for “moving to the middle” - merely a ploy to sound reasonable during an election. Once elected these “moderates” vote right along with Waters, Pelosi and the rest of their socialist leaning, sanctuary city supporting, self-loathing, guilt ridden and divisive/identity politics, fact-ignoring and “confront them in the streets, in restaurants, at gas stations” brethren…

Remember this: Those on the Left demand you judge them on the stated/claimed INTENT of their policies, not on the RESULTS of those policies.


The GOP option, perhaps their only option, is to nationalize the election. They need to run ads which:

  1. Point out that the Democrat Congressional Caucus votes in lockstep with the leadership on important issues. Democrat candidates are going to stress that they will be “independent”; historically these promises have proven to be electioneering lies. Once elected they tow the line, or else.

  2. Document their agenda, from the mouths of their party leaders, on raising taxes, reviving and strengthening Obamacare, open borders, sanctuary cities and states, unlimited immigration etc.




If the Democrat wins, it cam only be because of Chinese interference in our elections…


I remember from several years ago when the late Bob Beckel was on FOX and they were discussing election fraud. He recounted how he was working, for the Ds of course, an Indiana election. Gary was very late in reporting results. He call some democrat operative in Gary and asked: “How many votes do we have?” The reply was: “How many do you need?” Answer: “About 30,000.” Gary reported a little later a 33,000 democrat plurality.


It does not matter what you local Democrat candidate says he or she is going to do if he or she is elected. It’s what they are going to do once they are elected. Democrats vote in a block. The issue does not matter. They all have a chip in their heads, and when Schumer or Pelosi pushes a button, they vote the way they are programmed. There is no independent thought in the a Democrat Party any more. They vote like good socialists vote, they all vote the same. There are no “independents” in the modern modern Democrat Party


From an article in 2012 …
GOP Legally Barred From Fighting Voter Fraud


The Case …