Ohio teens given suspended sentence for dropping sandbag off overpass that killed man


Good thing they weren’t at the range firing an assault rifle.:neutral_face:



I wonder if they play video games where they enjoy killing people for fun and if that had an influence. In any case, I don’t hear anyone demanding sandbag control.


In what video game do you throw sandbags over the interstate?

This sounds more like a prank gone wrong.


The point is decentralization and separation from reality.

Maybe they shoot people in a game, lots of blood splashes around, they enjoy it, but the victims are alive again on the next round and they never see the families of their victims grieving. If they’ve been doing that for half of their young lives, they may get the notion that it would be fun to kill a real person, and the consequences might not cross their minds.

Though I suppose you’re right. With bad teenage judgment, it could have been intended as a minor nuisance prank.


I used to throw small rocks at passing cars; had nothing to do with any video games I played.

No — adoption of video games has seen decreases in teen violence, not upswings.

Rather than dehumanizing or encouraging bad behavior in real life, the effect of video games is that they regulate violent impulses.


It was YOU! I wonder if a website confession is admissible.

I’m skeptical, but even if that’s true, it’s not the average effect you have to worry about but the effect on the susceptible few. If you’re right, it’s probably a parallel change that’s responsible for the decrease, like kids being more sedentary while they play video games.


Teen violence has been falling for decades, just like gun violence:

According to the National Center for Juvenile justice, we’re in a 30 year-low.

What do they link to teens who commit violence? The things you’d expect.

Poverty, and not being in a two-parent home.


Ditto. More than a little.


There’s plenty of evidence of young boys doing stupid things around overpasses before the advent of video games.:

There’s no connection here. No more than there was for violent TV shows or Rock’n Roll before it.


Which in no way precludes that it’s a factor.


It’s not a factor because there’s no clear tie in here.

Violence rates for things like this have not been going up; this behavior doesn’t mimic any known game, and none of the kids mentioned a game being an influence.

Mentioning video games is as relevant as mentioning Energy Drinks with taurine, or anything else that “supposedly” makes you more aggressive, yet for which the social evidence doesn’t bear out.

A non sequitur is a non sequitur.


What the HELL is “social evidence?”


No studies, no clinical work, nothing.

Mention of video games was a non-sequitur; it had no relation to this article.


Doesn’t answer my question. (See above.)


It does:

“No studies, no clinical work, nothing.”

That’s what I meant by it.


And just HOW do “No studies, no clinical work, nothing,” relate to “social evidence?” That doesn’t answer the question…what the HELL is “social evidence?”


Clinical work, studies <— social evidence. I can’t make it anymore clear.


So you believe that “clinical work/studies” are “social evidence?” I call BS.


On what? There’s no evidence linking video games to violence. It’s a stupid theory, peddled by people who don’t interact with video games, nor have paid any attention to the fact that teen violence went down as popularity of of video games grew.

It’s same argument people make about guns & mass shootings, and it’s just as unconvincing. People making soft-headed connections, because they’re too lazy to look at the issue more in-depth.


Exactly all crime has been falling and when a judge hands down a lenient sentence on such a huge crime it makes people think this happens everyday. Honestly overincarceration is a greater fear. Juries convict 85% of the time. We crave blood… these young men should of not gotten away with this like that. It’s not Video Games, Prozac, TV, Music it’s that people aren’t there for their kids… and they get stupid ideas it’s almost like they had no idea they could kill someone. In the 1990s beavis and butthead would pull stunts like that and everything would be just fine in reality people die. Consequences aren’t taught early on.