Ohio teens given suspended sentence for dropping sandbag off overpass that killed man


They should have been executed on the spot. This kind of stupid does not need the chance to continue spreading infected genes.


Whether it is video games, the lionization of abortion clinic bombers, or Trump and the alt-Right’s frequent calls for violence against the most vulnerable elements of society, I’m very certain these boys and their parents are not to blame.

And whatever the root cause may be, I think we need some type of broad government action to control it.


What? Who? When has Trump ever called for violence anywhere? Why do you slime the President? And who the heck is alt-Right, why do you capitalize “right”, and what connection do they have with the President, outside of minds of the extreme left?

No, of course not. Let’s not blame the young criminals or the parents charged with raising them to be good citizens.


I’d be curious to know where these boys are in a year, and then in five years. Based on some of the dumb $#!* i pulled as a teenager, as judge, I’d probably have been inclined to some leniency (depending on the boys themselves, of course). Teenaged boys’ brains aren’t fully engaged yet, to say the least


I had my own issues, but it never would have occurred to me to do something as outrageous as dropping objects onto cars from an overpass.


There weren’t any overpasses anywhere near me, or I might have. Just to see if I could get the timing right.