"Old" books

Many of you are familiar with Frances Hodgson Burnett’s “The Secret Garden.” It was written in 1911. A few years ago, my sister gave me a couple of old books. One I had read before - and if I like a book, I’ll reread - many times. The other one I had never seen before. It was written by Frances Hodgson Burnett - in 1877. It is not a children’s book. The setting is in a mining community in England, where children as young as 10 work in the mines. The main character is a “pit girl” (women and girls who work at the mouth of the mine pit). I have no idea what they do (or did - mines are certainly no longer run like they were then). Another primary character is a young engineer who is working with the mining company in the process of opening new areas in the mine. He is fighting with his employers to improve the safety in the mine. A young curate and a minister’s daughter also play a large part in the book. The two of them start a “night school” - there is no public education, and none of the mining families learn to read, unless they want to, and have the opportunity to attend a “neet skoo” - as they say in their Lancashire dialect.

Edit: the title of the book is “That Lass of Lowrie’s”.

Too late to edit, the correct name of the book is “That Lass o’ Lowrie’s”.

My one old book story is this. Somewhere around 10 years old I picked up an old book that had Tarzan in the title. It was someone like Son of Tarzan or maybe had the characters name & Tarzan in the title. I believe that it was written by Burroughs. Anyway at that time I was really into Tarzan so it didn’t matter. Well I sat down & started reading. To a 10 year old it turned out to be a GREAT book & it took a fair amount of time because it was pretty big. So basically it had several plot lines & slowly they built up. As you can guess I was really eager to find out what happened. So I got to the end & …nothing. That’s because the last 10 or so pages were missing. I didn’t find out what happened for about 16 years when I happened to see the same book in a used book shop. Oh & the part that was missing was only 3 pages.

Book wise. Well the wife & I are both big readers. That because a problem over the years because we moved every 3 to 5 years & in the last 7 years before retirement that became about every 2 years. In our last move I moved 28 boxes of books but we viewed most of them as old friends.

When we moved to OKC in January of 1988 from Liberal (By God), Kansas, we moved 11 TONS of household goods. About 2 1/2 tons of which were our books. Since then, I inherited my aunt’s book collection AND most of those from my father’s library. I don’t want to even THINK about what they’d weigh today but I have noticed some cracks in the house’s foundation!

OMG Pappadave. I hope you have a big house. That sounds like my wife’s crystal collection. We have 7 large cabinets plus I can’t even count all the small cabinets, cases, & displays that we have. And it sounds like our cases wouldn’t even hold 20% of your books.