Old bricks

Anyone have any good ideas about getting old mortar off old bricks? We’ve got a lot of them, and there is still a pile up in the woods. I’m making a brick walk, and will probably do more stuff with them if I can get the old mortar off of enough of them.

When I used to do remodeling, if we needed to save bricks to use, we took a brick hammer and used the back end(the skinny sharp side) to knock the mortar off the brick. Sometimes they broke, but we were able to save most of them. Can be difficult, but I don’t know any other way. Hope that helps.

Thanks! I’m not too concerned if a few of them break. In fact, I want to break a few of them, the difficulty will be breaking them in the right place - I need half-bricks to be able to stagger the bricks in the walk.

That is what the brick hammer is used for. Hold the brick flat in your hand, and strike it where you want it to break. A little practice and you’ll be an expert. Good Luck.

Thanks! Now to get me a brick hammer. Would that be available at a building supply store?

Lowes, Home depot, etc.

My hat is off to you Susanna, that is a job I would not think of tackling with my arthritis. holy sheep


I got one at Trader Horn; haven’t had a chance to try it out. They had 2 different sizes. I got the smaller ($10 less) one, but I’m beginning to think I really need the bigger one, because I need the extra leverage, since I’m not all that strong.

I’m not doing much of anything now, just had my gallbladder out today.