Old Scores

Was there ever a reset to the scores?

I have no idea, I know I added a bunch of games but it’s still very buggy with the score and stuff.

It might have been a different forum entirely, but I do recall three of us having scores in about the 2.2k-2.5k for snake. Could be a buggy memory of mine if no one else recalls a score reset.

The High Scores reset on their own after a while. The ALL TIME High Score does not.

best Score of all Time

** Brett **

with a score of 2386

actual Highscore Champion

** Brett **

with a score of **2110


Well, if it was this site, Brett does have an appropriately high enough all-time score. :slight_smile:

And I just made it higher today :rolleyes:

[quote=“Brett, post:6, topic:19790”]
And I just made it higher today :rolleyes:
[/quote]Your skill at quickly eating sqaure black objects is unmatched :wink:

Thanks :biggrin:

I tried, but couldn’t keep up with Monte, and had no hopes of upsetting Tperkins.

Please, I’ve got a bit of a sore throat, someone insert an evil laugh for me!