Olive Garden


Yesterday I took the little woman to Olive Garden and when we sat down they had this little device setting on the table that looks like some kind of game with a screen. The screen was a touch screen and it showed different pictures I thought was just food as well as a game one could play. When it came time to pay the waitress explained that all I had to do was swipe my credit card along side the device and it would bring up my tab and what tip I would like to offer. A screen popped up that I had to use my finger to sign my name and then it printed a receipt out of the bottom. The waitress said this new innovation was so customers did not have to worry about a waitress taking your card and doing something with it.

The little woman said before we left that next they will be getting rid of the waitresses. Technology marches on.


They’ll still have servers though. I do believe that for many casual dining places, like OG, that her assessment is correct.

No need for a company to pay a waiter/waitress to take your order when the customers can input the data themselves on a tabletop touch screen. The good news is that we won’t feel obligated to tip any longer.

I suspect white tablecloth establishments to remain traditional for the most part.


Place that have these machines; I do not frequent much. I enjoy tipping and do so generously if the service is good.


I use the little machine to find out what my bill is so that I can leave cash payment and tip without waiting for the waitress to come around with the check. I pay cash at restaurants.

But, what do I know. I’m just bootspittle.


I generally pay with a credit card. I used to carry lots of cash–usually around $1,000 to $1,500–until, that is, one of the rare times I went out late at night without my sidearm, I was accosted in a super market parking lot and robbed of $1,200 and a prized alligator money clip that had been a gift from my father-in-law before he died. From then on, I carry $100 to $200 max.


My late father-in-law used to spend a lot of money at the bar. Not that he drank that heavily himself, but he was always buying rounds for his friends. He always just cashed his paycheck, and carried the cash around. His wife also had a job at which she made a decent wage. Anyway, he quit drinking under his doctor’s advice (except for “Near-beer”). So, one summer he was planning to take a vacation in Iowa (he lived in Peoria, IL) where many of his relatives lived. (Keep in mind, this was in the mid-50’s). He was wondering if he had enough money for his vacation. He took a look in his wallet and found that he had over $800.


She’ll hardly be alone though with that statement before to long. 3D Food printing will take care of the food as an example. No need for line cooks.


Shades of Star trek there batman


Closer than you think good sir. Just ONE Example… the Foodini: ‘Foodini’ machine lets you print edible burgers, pizza - CNN.com

No, it’s not perfect, but the tech just keeps on advancing!


Some people will eat anything. Most people do not have any idea what good food is.
Machines cannot taste. Spices differ in quality, even among name brands. I do not see any machine ever cooking to suit me.