Omarosa recorded John Kelly in the Situation Room


Um … All conversations in the situation room are classified by default.

Omarosa just said on Meet the Press that she recorded John Kelly in the Situation Room. (They are playing the tape.)

Here’s the Fox News link:

Omarosa releases purported secret recording of Chief of Staff John Kelly ‘threatening’ her in the Situation Room

When you lose April Ryan, you’ve really screwed up. :lol:


Trump is correct on 95% of the issues.

That said, only a political moron would have brought the likes of the snake known as Omarosa into the White House in any capacity whatsoever, thus subjecting himself and his staff to this biotche’s BS and opening himself up to precisely the kind of turmoil she has made a career of fomenting.

I find it completely incomprehensible that Trump would have ever placed any trust in this woman. What useful skill set she could have possibly brought to the administration is FAR BEYOND my comprehension.

Trump is a great showman and master bullshiiter who happens to be on the correct side of nearly every policy and issue and, IMHO, wants what is best for the country and her people - therefore, I voted for him in 2016 and, barring an unforeseen calamity, will again in 2020 even knowing he often demonstrates his capacity to be a POS as a human being and husband.

If you sense I do not care for Trump on a personal level and that I think he is a political rube with his incessant tweets that tend to distract from his many achievements and be counter-productive, you would be correct.


My interpretation is that President Trump actually liked Omorosa (sp?).

He ended having to fire her (or ask her to resign) for poor work performance.

Either way, if she’s right or not, I don’t really care. We had the most corrupt organization in office for the past 8 years. They were even worse than the Clinton Administration, and that takes some effort.


He probably did appoint Omarosa because he liked her and/or payback for helping boost the ratings of his TV show - kind of like the payback to Jeff Sessions for his backing of Trump’s campaign early on. But, whether he liked her or not, he should never have brought the woman into the White House. Everything she touches turns to Shiite for everyone around her. Of course her “job performance” was sub-par as there was nothing on earth she was qualified to do on the White House team. Unfortunately for Kelly, he got the job of telling her she’s fired - she tapes it, writes a book and we get media with a month’s worth of ammunition about nothing of consequence 2.5 months before a critical mid-term election. (Keep in mind - if Repubs lose the House, the House Dems will shut down the investigation of the attempted coup d’ etat to overthrow the 2016 election). Trump’s judgement is sometimes questionable - to say the freakin’ least - and I stand by my statement that on a personal level he’s a bona fide POS.

Think back: For no reason other than viciousness he remarks during a primary debate, Who would vote for someone with a face like that (paraphrasing) referring to Carly Fiorina. On another occasion he personally attacked the wife of another primary candidate. He seemingly doesn’t understand such BS cost him women’s votes, and during the primaries it cost him my vote.

On another occasion he states that John McCain is not a war hero - “war heroes don’t get captured” - or words to that effect. Does anyone think that John McCain’s dramatic/in your face thumbs down and deciding vote on Obamacare repeal and replace was not payback to Trump by the POS known as McCain??

Couple these and many other self-inflicted wounds with his often counter-productive tweets and Trump is a walking/talking political kluester fleuk.


Actually President Trump WON the “women’s vote”…at least that of MARRIED women.


I didn’t know who this Omoronsa was until just recently. Part of my ignorance was because I never watch those stupid “reality” shows, which are hardly reality. To me, she looks a lot like Moochie. Trump’s no idiot. She better watch her p’s and q’s.


Looks to me as if Trump is handing out rope…


It was more than that.
Kelly made it clear that Integrity and Prosecutorial Misconduct were the reasons.


She was fired by Bill Clinton long before President Trump fired her. Didn’t hear a peep about Willy firing her.

She worked in the Clinton Administration under Vice President Al Gore.
As Al Gore’s former office administrator Mary Margaret Overbey said at the time, Omarosa “was the worst hire (the Office of the Vice President) ever made.”

People magazine reported in 2004, she was “banished from four jobs in two years with the Clinton administration.”


Omarosa is just another sore head former employee who got fired. The big differences are she has “written” a book from which she is trying to make a fortune and has the socialist news media’s undivided attention. They are eating it up like rats who eat rat poison. To them, EVERYTHING she says is true, and if what was actually said on her tapes doesn’t match her story, the new media reports it as if it did. Anyone who takes the word of the socialist new media is totally gullible. It is nothing but the propaganda wing of the Socialist Democrat Party.

I watch CBS News every night just to keep up with their lies and distortions. It is interesting to note that they are yet to use the words “radical Muslims” to describe the group that was just taken down in New Mexico. The only way you would know that they are Muslim from CBS News is to look at the headgear the women are wearing. As it is they are depicted as a bunch of crackpots who abuse children.


…which is where the danger lies. They ARE a bunch of crackpots who abuse children, so when you call CBS on what they’ve omitted from their story, they’ll claim that there stories are “objectively true.”


The judge in New Mexico just turned the radical Muslins lose on their signature only. When Fox News gave us the judge’s resume, all was explained. She used to be a prosecutor in San Francisco.

About the only thing you can get locked up for in San Francisco is having a gun. And if you are an illegal alien you can kill somebody with it, all you’ll get convicted for will be for having the gun. That’s what happen in the Kay’s Stienlee case.


I’m about as sick of hearing about this woman as I am hearing about Meghan Markle.


Who’s Meghan Markle?


LOL!! She’s about as important to me as the sewer outside. :vb-nighty:


So, beneath notice until she stops up and starts spewing…?


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LOL! You’re forgiven!