OMG: 15 dead, dozens injured


Thats right folks, the country with prob the most stringent gun laws in the free world has 15 dead from a guy with a KNIFE, ObuttBoy, HildaBeast and the rest…are you listening…HELLO!

At least 15 dead, dozens injured in knife attack outside Tokyo

15 dead in Sagamihara knife attack

[COLOR=#444444]A knife-wielding man has gone on a rampage at a facility for handicapped people in the city of Sagamihara, west of Tokyo.

Police say 15 people are confirmed dead and 45 injured.

They say they received a call from an employee of Tsukui Yamayuri-en just after 2:30AM on Tuesday morning. The caller reportedly said that a man carrying a knife broke into the building.

Police arrested a young man, apparently in his 20s, when he turned himself at a police station in the city shortly after 3 AM.

Police say the man told them that he was a former employee of the center.

Tsukui Yamayuri-en is located about 2 kilometers east of the JR Sagamiko station.

15 dead in Sagamihara knife attack - News - NHK WORLD - English



Clearly we need to ban Assault Knives.


Truly shows the power of a mad man with a knife