**you’re back!!!


I sent 100’s (or maybe just a few) emails to any forum members names that I could remember.

Sent them as Gmail, Yahoo and any other email address that I thought might be relevant!

Never got an answer back. 8(

I have clicked onto my shortcut EVERY DAY only to go away dejected. 8(



Every day more of the gang is finding out we are back, it will take awhile to get the Google ranking back up but when we do we should start seeing new members again :wink:

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1 Woo Hooooooo!!!

2 Real ones, not the phaux-phantom members that clutter the list of members who were on RO during the current day. (Over the last couple of years I’ve probably banned over a thousand of those phantoms, just to be sure they can’t do anything.)

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What I find amazing is how many of the cadre have returned…I think this speaks strongly for the atmosphere and culture. I know there are some in the cadre I don’t always agree with and this has often led to a DISCUSSION (a NOVEL concept onn MOST forums). I also know as a result I have made changes in my position on occasion. This occurs when people are CIVIL and have RESPECT…

On a different note Pete, do you have the access to ban them at the IP level?