OMGosh!! I thought this was a joke!! Check out this video!


This was sent to me from a Christian friend just this evening. I thought it was a joke. This woman is likening voting for BO with losing her virginity. This is pure insanity–but sadly, many will be influenced by this idiocy.

Great moments in democracy: an ad that says voting is like losing your virginity…to Barack Obama

What kind of response would Romney have for this? I think only silence would suffice. This is definitely NWAR. (Not Worth A Response)


I had no idea that voting for Obama was just like getting drunk and passing out on Prom night.


Oh Dac! Again, you made me COTFIHL!! What does “RWNJ” stand for?

My prom night wasn’t even THAT memorable…


RWNJ = RightwingNutjob


Oh…I guess I should have figured that one out myself, eh? :embarrese


what does COTFIHL mean?


It’s a newly coined internet anagram…by Jack (I think). It means: “Convulsing On The Floor In Hysterical Laughter”. Pretty cool, eh? He was responding to someone’s post. Originally, the “C” stood for “Collapsing” and I made the suggestion to change it to “Convulsing”. Great minds think alike, no?


Crap, now I feel bad for giving you an epileptic fit.


Ahhhh…but it sure felt good! :yes:


now that I am not touching


:angel: :whistle:


Goodness children. I have seen that video on Hannity last night. That I am sure will drive some people right out of his camp. Hope that girl has plenty of birth control [government paid for]


Unfortunately, so many young people are going to “relate” to that video because so many of them think like that…ummm…maybe “thinking” was not a proper word…maybe “programmed” would be a better fit.

Did you notice her lovely tats? Quite a lady in my opinion!! Any guy would love to bring her home to meet mom, I’m sure…sort of like a girl bringing home the former slob in the WH to meet daddy…


Voting for Obama is more like being roofied and waking up 4 years later asking “what the hell happened?”


I had a friend of mine and we were all talking in our group about losing virginity…she piped up that she went off to college still a virgin, never drank or done drugs, and on the first Sat night, she went out to a bar, got drunk, smoked pot, take ‘X’ and woke up the next morning with 2 guys in bed with her and later found out she had got an STD.

Kinda sound like Obama, Biden and 4 years later


I saw the disgusting add, and thanks everyone for putting a humorous touch to it, made my day.

After reading my post had to add this, it’s not the sex that’s disgusting, it’s how the Left trivializes it to promote Obama.



Uhhh…what is “roofied”? Sorry…I live a sheltered life…


Roofie is a slang term for rohypnol, a drug commonly used in “date rapes.”


You mean like GHB? Geesh…I really DO live a sheltered life!!


GHB and rohypnol are different, but they’re both used in date rapes.