OMGosh!! This is hysterical! I think Leno is coming around!


Check this video out! It’s less than 30 seconds, but it is too funny!

Jay Leno Turns Obama-Clinton


Soooooo wrong … should have had the CBS inter-skewer in it for a threesome … but funny.


My experience with Jay Leno is that he takes shots at both sides of the aisle.


It’s a strange world when I think Bill O’reilly is becoming more liberal while Jay Leno is becoming more conservative. I don’t think Jay Leno is none too happy with Obama, but for all I know, it could be for leftist reasons…


Or w/that $10 Million cut in pay he had to suck up recently. Along w/having to lay off a bunch of employees.
Just a guess.

But thanks for a good chuckle, CT. I needed that.


I’m sure Leno is still liberal, but not to a degree that he does a Sergeant Schultz in the face of Libs’ and Progs’ hypocrisies or sillinesses. Besides, his profession and venue have him in constant need of fresh material, of which pols of all stripes are usually a good source.

Off topic: I wonder at the etymology of the metaphor, “of all stripes”. Does it refer to skunks? Traditional prison uniforms? Either would seem appropriate in this context, IMO.


I believe the “all stripes” is in reference to zebras–each zebra’s stripes are unique. Just a guess, though.


Well dang, and I was hoping it was Juicy Fruit Gum!


People like Jay Leno because he doesn’t make any one side mad. He makes fun of both sides and doesn’t attack any side at the same time.


No, Leno is not “coming around.” His job, just like that of all radio talk show hosts, no matter which way they lean, is to be entertainer first; convictionist, second.
Their job is to draw an audience; which draws subscribers who sell their wares.

Nothing more; nothing less.


I believe the “all stripes” is in reference to zebras–each zebra’s stripes are unique. Just a guess, though.

I still prefer skunks, but another possibility is “stripes” being an allusion to the chevron used in militaries to identify rank. So “people of all stripes” would mean “people of all ranks”. Expand that to “creatures of all stripes” and skunks would still fit and be fitting.


Yeah, unfortunately, that is true.


Not really. Unfortunate, that is.

If their ideas/words are of value, they will sell.
If not, they won’t.

Works for me!


I always thought it originated from enlisted ranks.