On An Authoritarian-Hypocritical-Orientation As Good Morality


Richard the atheist said: “I don’t believe porn, fornication, divorce, or consensual adultry is immoral. I do not believe that a consensual act between two or more people that does not involve the violation of another person’s rights can be immoral. Only coersion or the violation of someone’s rights makes an act immoral. Hypocrites are immoral people and so are Authoritarians, and yes I would like to see the mention of god removed from the currency and the pledge of allegiance.”

[B] [COLOR="#B22222"]Playing The Role Of “Devil’s Advocate”, I Replied: [/COLOR][/B]

Richard, on your atheism there is no such thing as objective morals that exist apart from your own subjective opinions about what is right and wrong. On your atheism there is nothing morally wrong with being a Hypocrite and an Authoritarian?

I note that whatever objections you have against people being Hypocrites and Authoritarians, it ultimately makes zero difference, and here is why: On your atheism both the non-hypocrites and the authoritarian-hypocrites ultimately have the identical same destiny with regard to universal Justice, that is, on your atheism they both end up in oblivion ceasing to exist like rats and houseflies cease to exist, that is your atheistic position.

Many human beings enjoy a life based upon authoritarian-hypocrisy. They find authoritarian-hypocrisy interesting and fun. They know that, on your atheism, there are no afterlife rewards for NOT being a hypocrite, and no afterlife punishments for their chosen authoritarian-hypocrisy which they enjoy.

Also there are some authoritarian-hypocrites that have figured out a way to make money from being authoritarian-hypocrites and since they know that, on your atheism, they have nothing to fear and absolutely nothing to lose when they die …

… and since its NOT against the law to be an authoritarian-hypocrite, they would say to you Richard, that they could not care any less about your personal moralizing about what you personally think is good or bad or practical or impractical with regard to their choosing to be proud authoritarian-hypocrites and their choosing to “put the law on you” for violating their personal moral code …

… their moral code just like your moral code was originally produced by the results of a chance process of random mutation followed by natural selection and so it exist by accident anyway, and they have decided to obey their moral code when its in their best interest to obey it and to ignore it when its not in their best interest …

… and they would quickly tell you that they tremendously enjoy their authoritarian-hypocritical-orientation, and that they had made note of the fact that some people like to eat 10,000 calories per day and get very fat as proud gluttons, others liked to swill down hard booze and get drunk as lords, others like to fornicate with their girlfriends, or committ consensual adultry, or watch porn, [B]and other people enjoy being authoritarian-hypocrites,[/B] and that in their opinion it is their right to “try to put the government on you” because they want you to obey their moral code because thats just the way they feel about it. And moreover they do not appreciate your Judgementalism with regard to this matter.

Richard, remember that your beliefs about it being immoral to violate “the rights of people” are merely your secular-faith beliefs, and they carry no more weight than being your personal opinions about morality. Again Richard, on your atheism there is no such thing as objective morals that exist apart from your own subjective opinions about what is right and wrong.

I must drive this point home again: When it comes to their dearly beloved authoritarian-hypocritical-orientation and your dislike of it, they note that both you and they ultimately have the same destiny, worth, and value as an earthworm, a rat, and a house fly, and they conclude that therefore [U]ultimately[/U] it will not make any difference one way or the other if they violate your rights or not.

[U]Ultimately[/U] you Richard are of no more worth and value than a cockroach or housefly. Its true that you Richard want to be left alone, but so do house flies and cockroaches. Both will try to get away from a fly swatter, but whether they do or not is [U]ultimately[/U] irrelevant in the Grand Scheme of things because when house flies and cockroaches die they, like you Richard, cease to exist. And thats the end of the matter. The end of them and the end of you.

Therefore to some people having an authoritarian-hypocritical-orientation is a very cool thing, and a very good thing to. They like it and they’re going to fight hard to “put the government on you” for not lining up with their moral code because thats “just what they want to do.” People like different things. You like to be left alone to commit any legal sin you want to commit. They like their authoritarian-hypocritical-orientation, and who are you to judge them? They totally reject your moral code built mostly upon the protection of Life, Liberty, and Property. They enjoy “putting the government on you” when you don’t line up with their moral values. Remember some love to fornicate and pornicate, others love their authoritarian-hypocritical-orientation and don’t care anything about your personal liberty principles built mostly upon the protection of your Life, Liberty, and Property.

Also, the people who love their authoritarian-hypocritical-orientation told me to tell you that Darwin’s “Monkey’s mind” was the origin and source of all your personal opinions about it being immoral to violate the so-called “rights” of human beings, and they added, with a smile, that actually the origin and source of your personal opinions was that “blob of living cells” that first crawled up out of “the primordal slime pond-soup”, which they noted was “down below” Darwin’s “Monkey’s mind” as to intelligence. That “blob” was the source and origin of you, and your opinions about morality with regard to the “rights of human beings.”

And as those that love and enjoy their authoritarian-hypocritical-orientation strolled off into the night to enjoy a fine meal at the Red Lobster, they told me to tell you Richard that they are convinced you are a deeply immoral person because you do not believe that porn, fornication, divorce, and consensual adultry is immoral. They also said tell you that some people enjoy hypocrisy and authoritarianism while other people enjoy porn, fornication, and consensual adultry. They also said to tell you that they personally find your moral code disgusting just as you think their hypocrisy and authoritarianism is disgusting, and that people have contradictory opinions about what is moral and immoral, and that since you Richard the atheist and cock roaches have, on your atheism, the identical-exact ultimate destiny, oblivion, then what ultimate difference does it make anyway?

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