On Display In Russia Hearings, Democrats' Trump-Hatred Is Worthy Of Captain Ahab


On Display In Russia Hearings, Democrats’ Trump-Hatred Is Worthy Of Captain Ahab

… If there’s one thing Congress’ Russia hearings have shown, it’s that President Trump has driven the Democratic Party and far-left media to near insanity. …

… Listening to the hearings on Wednesday and Thursday, when National Intelligence Director Dan Coats, National Security Director Adm. Michael Rogers, Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, and former FBI Director James Comey testified, was a revelation.

In their questioning, Democrats were plainly not interested in the truth. They merely hoped for something, anything, that would be damning or damaging to Trump. In particular, they hoped for evidence of “obstruction of justice” to impeach Trump.

But they didn’t get it. Under persistent questioning Wednesday, Coats, Rogers and McCabe all emphatically denied that Trump had brought improper pressure to bear on the Russia investigation. None.

… Comey drove that point home, saying that he did not perceive anything that Trump said to him as an attempt to obstruct “the broader investigation into Russia or possible links to his campaign.”

So in the end … it was a big nothing-burger, with cheese. And instead of a grand inquisition, it turned into rather pathetic political theater.

IMO, Trump has emerged as a master troll, drawing into the open the partisan the MSM brazenly and lyingly denied and drawing out into the open the Ds’ thinly veiled partisan hatred, in full hysterical colors. Does Trump probe their hatred? Obviously. But he didn’t create it, nor is he responsible for the MSM’s and Ds’ refusal/inability to control themselves. Without that fierce hatred and hysterical lack of self-control, Trump’s barbs would be blunted.


You are correct there is no they’re there. The real Russian connection is with the Clintons specifically Hillary and her sell out of America the uranium giveaway in exchange for donations to their private fund. She belongs in prison.


This is the reason the Ds should never have pushed for hearings like the ones just held, nor for the special counsel. They lack the ability to prevent the hearings and investigations from revealing that, not only are the Trump-Russia collusion claims nonsense, but The Shrew-CHILL did have many more substantial Russia/Putin associations and ties.