On Hispanic TV, Justice Sotomayor Surreptitiously Hits Campaign Trail


Does this sound like someone who believes in equality and who cares about all Americans?


She should be impeached,and removed from the bench. Can you imagine the leftist outcry if Justice Roberts were exhorting rural Appalachian whites in that way?


Lest we forget…

Justice Kagan’s Non-Recusal in Obamacare Case


Wait a minute . . .

The left is criticizing Kavanaugh for being partisan.

Maybe he is, but the left has their own partisans on the court. And, as demonstrated by Sotomayor here, they’re not really hiding it.

Nevermind left versus right . . . it’s strict interpretation of the Constitution versus legislating from the bench.


Sotomayor doesn’t need to hit the campaign trail; she just needs to hit the trail…


Only Republicans are “political,” Democrats are “for the people” and therefore “apolitical.” Democrat Supreme Court justices are sent there to be legislators in black robes who have lifetime appointments.


A quote from John Barron’s MiG Pilot, a true story of Soviet fighter pilot Victor Belenko, who defected by flying his MiG-25 to Japan in 1976: