On-line gun production - one place were I agree with liberals


Recently a radical guns rights group was given the right to post software that produce guns on a three D printers. These weapons will have no serial numbers, and those who produce them can’t be traced.

For once I agree with the libs. We should be able to control who gets a gun. Crazy people, terrorsts and violent felons should not have easy access to guns. This is the least we should doing to improve public safety.




I’m not so certain of any of that Sendgop and BJ. The Constitution makes no differentiation between free citizens based on someone else’s opinion of their moral or legal standing as “criminals” or non-criminals…“crazy” or “sane”…domestic terrorists or even patriotic defenders of the nation. It refers to “THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE”. It doesn’t say the right of SOME people…approved of by government, and in PARTICULAR not “approved by some faceless government bureaucrat.” It’s for this very reason that I eschew applying for or obtaining some government-sponsored “permit” to exercise my 2nd Amendment affirmed right to keep and bear arms and I’ve probably had more training in firearms use than anyone else on this board, having served 8 years in the Army, a bit more than two of which were in combat zones, 7 years as a police officer and having actually taken and passed the FBI’s firearms course for local LEOs. Not only that, but I am a certified NRA gun safety instructor and have successfully taught HUNDREDS of others their 8-hour firearm safety course so they could qualify for various hunting licenses in other states.


This is not only a Second Amendment issue, it’s a First Amendment issue. Losing this to the gun-control, free-speech-hating left will cost us our individual rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, the primary purpose for our government as described in the Declaration of Independence. The arguments will be used to justify ever-increasing infringements on our freedom. I find that scarier than my neighbor – or me – printing a gun.

I get your sentiment, but his sounds scary. It sounds scarier imagining it from the mouth of a Dim.


We’ve seen leftist politicians systematically DENY so-called “permits” for people who CLEARLY have a vested interest in having the right to carry a weapon for self-protection. If MY right to keep and bear arms depends on the vagaries of some doofus politician, it’s no longer a “right” and I CANNOT accept that given the CLEAR language of both the Constitution itself AND The Federalist.


I don’t agree. Not only are there the 1st and 2nd Amendment issues, but the fact of the matter is that it’s impossible. How is anyone going to stop the sharing of 3D gun plans on the internet, especially since thousands of copies are already out there? These measures might stop a crime of passion (more likely, the perp will find a different weapon), but mainly it’ll only keep the law-abiding from getting them. If the technology for the 3D printing of guns works as well as people seem to be suggesting, then I suspect that it’s only a matter of time before bootleg plans for full auto weapons are all over the internet.


Reading over your responses, it seems that most of you are in favor of allowing terrorists, career criminals and the insane to get guns with no restrictions what so ever. The weapons can’t even have serial numbers on them. That is sad. Freedom is precious but it carries with it responsibilities. Those responsibilities mean nothing to terrorists, criminals and the insane. Public safety is the issue. The Preamble of the Constitution calls for “preserving domestic tranquility.” You folks need to sit back and give this issue some thought.

I am not a fan of frivolous law suits and outrageous settlements, but in this case I will make an exception. When one of these on-line gun recipients uses that weapon to kill an innocent person, I hope that this gun site gets sued for every dollar it has got and a lot more. Their position is outrageous, and hitting them with $1 billion settlement would not be out of line.

Charging the people who run that site as accessories to murder would also not be out of line. If you supply weapons to those who commit a crime in the real world you are charged as an accessory. The same applies to those who aid terrorists. That should also apply in this case.


Without the Bill of Rights, I am more afraid of government than I am of terrorists, criminals and the insane.

As Mike Lee said today on the Senate floor today that any bill starting with “It shall be unlawful to publish…” should set off alarm bells for liberals and conservatives.


So you think people should be “sue-able” for saying something you disapprove of? God help us!


Not only do I support the 3D printer made weapons being available, I applaud it. FWIW, it’s easier and much cheaper to make a pipe gun.


As 3D printing and CNC machining become smaller and more affordable this could make home-made weapons the “Liberator Pistol” of the 21st century for the billions of people living under repressive regimes all of whom live in gun control captivity.




And it’s not just plastic. Here is a titanium knife with a ceramic coating developed for Emirates Team New Zealand’s use in the 2013 America’s Cup campaign:


Victory Knives developed the Ultimate Rope Blade using cutting edge design and advanced manufacturing capability in Tauranga, New Zealand.

It is a global first, using laser sintering 3D printing technology and proprietary hardening process. There is no titanium waste in the manufacturing process.

This technology is at about the stage of the Apple I and Altair in personal computers. In the best scenario, the internet, 3D printing, cryptocurrency are all unstoppable forces which may save the world from 1984.


I can build a workable zip gun in a few hours with an old car antenna, a block of wood, a hinge, a few rubber bands and a nail. Not too accurate at long ranges, but deadly close up where must handgun battles occur. Better yet, I can easily take the thing apart, board an airplane with it in my carry-on and re-assemble it in about 3 minutes and take over the aircraft.


Actually, that’s not true. I can sell a gun to someone without knowing what they intend to do with it and NEVER be held liable for any crime they may commit with it. By your “logic” then, car dealerships could be held liable for drunk driver’s negligent homicides or pencil manufacturers could be held liable when someone uses a pencil to write a ransom note or a demand note during a bank robbery.


That’s what you took away from the responses? That’s what Nancy Pelosi and her company take away from it too. But you answer your own complaint in the next part of your post:

They don’t care about serial numbers. No law is going to stop the creation of files for 3D printing guns and other weapons because the law means nothing to terrorists, criminals and the insane. If you successfully pass a law to outlaw legal distributors of these files, then only the terrorists, criminals and insane will have them. Those of us who abide by the law will not.

Which one? I got my copy of the Liberator using a torrent. make it illegal, I’d be able to get these files anyway as long as I’m willing to violate the law.

Unfortunately for the government, its attempt to ban these files does actually violate the Constitution. Unfortunately for us, some judges refuse to uphold the Constitution.


Fine guys. Keep it up. This is the way that you will lose you second amendment rights where there is a rash of violence spawned by these easy to get, untraceable weapons. The public outrage will push the issue.


Easy to get untraceable legal AR-15s have been available for a long time. They are called 80% receivers. You can finish them off in your garage with a drill press and a router. A better weapon for less money.


Don’t fall for the leftist propaganda.


So there is no limit to the first amendment, even when it involves public safety. Good to know. Under your theory terrorists should be allowed to form their plans on-line. As I said before, freedom also has responsibilities.


The road to serfdom.


No, you are on the road serfdom because you can’t conceive that freedom of speech has its limits and its responsibilities. Do you want to give first amendment rights to the guy who wants to post the way to make serin gas and how to build the devices to use it? Maybe those devices can be built with 3 D printers.