On-line gun production - one place were I agree with liberals


The fact is, no “law” has ever stopped anyone from violating it…not a single time…UNLESS an individual is (1) personally unwilling to violate a law for moral or personal ethical reasons, or (2) the consequences of violating that law are so horrendous that an individual is FRIGHTENED of them. Criminal behavior is a matter of personal CHOICE. One can CHOOSE not to obey a law and violate it. Most people don’t, but enough do to make passage of new laws necessary, but we eventually reach a point where governments outlaw EVERYTHING. We have over 20,000 “laws” on the books regulating firearms, for example. Why? There is no REASON for the vast majority of them. Most of them make little or no sense whatsoever and almost ALL of them violate, in some fashion, personal rights that are essentially ratified by the Constitution itself.