One Democrat voted against the latest relief package ... Guess who?

Yesterday the House passed the relief package with five deserting votes. Four of them were Republicans who are probably concerned about the huge debt we are racking up with this mess.

One Democrat voted against it … AOC

Yep, that’s right. America’s most famous communist House member said “No.” It’s hard to say why. Was it not big or permanent enough for her? Could be that she’s against the small business part of it? She has called for those who have been laid off not to go back to work until they are paid a “living wage.”

It is tough to say what goes on in that muddled, ignorant brain she has.

There are some good GOP women who are going to run against. Maybe we could flip that

In your dreams.

That district has been electing far leftists at least since the 1940s. She beat a guy in the primaries who thought he had a “safe seat.” He did with respect to the Republican opposition, but a fool in Dallas, Texas bank rolled AOC, and she won the primary with a few thousand votes. After that, she really had no opposition in the general election.

Most seats in the House are “safe” for the incumbents of both parties.

But even New Yorkers must be getting sick of her