ONE GIANT LIE: The Democrat Convention

The Democrat convention was a Nazi show to end all Nazi shows. It was one huge whitewash fake phony LIE. It was the opposite of everything they have been promoting. Did they kneel for the anthem? Nope. Did they attack police? Nope.

First, go to the 8 min 33 sec mark on this video for initial reactions:


Next, let’s see some comments from the people:


Watch the great comments go by:

Sanders: Dems’ new agenda of lawlessness, socialism is dangerous for US


I don’t watch anything that involved the dems. I don’t watch mainstream news. I get my news from the Fox website.


I watch ABC News to keep up with the latest in Socialist Democrat lies and omissions. Most people don’t know that the cites are burning unless they live there. Why? The lame stream news media refuses to report it. The rioters and looters are Democrats, and news media does not want you to know that.

That’s because you’re smarter than the average bear, CT!


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