One of my favorite meals.

When we go out to dinner one of my favorite meals is a broiled veal chop topped with 3 or 4 roasted long hot Italian peppers.
Add some roasted potatoes and a side of grilled asparagus or broccoli with lots of thinly sliced garlic and I’m in heaven.

Hard to find when I’m in Florida but when I’m in New Jersey I head to Francesco’s in Little Falls, NJ.
It’s always on the menu.

Sounds ok. For me, it’s a Tex-Mex dish we call “White Enchiladas”, with Pace, medium Picante Sauce. Mix up 3, 7 oz cans of chunked, chicken white meat, a 5 oz can of diced, peeled chilis, a whole, finely-chopped onion, two cans of cream of chicken soup and one pint of sour cream. Mix thoroughly. Then, take a pyrex baking dish (14" x 8" is standard) and cover the bottom with a layer of crushed corn ships, half the sour cream mixture and a layer of shredded cheddar cheese, then a second layer of chips, the rest of the sour cream mixture and another layer of shredded cheese (it usually takes a bit over 1 pound of shredded sharp cheddar to do this.) Bake in a 425-degree oven for about 30 minutes–or until the mixture is bubbling around the edges. Serve with Dorito chips and the Pace, medium picante to taste. Yummy!