Online Shopping, now isn't Green!


Online shoppers need to be more aware of how eCommerce can hurt the environment, said the man in charge of one of the world’s largest brick-and-mortar toy retailers.

Read more: Toys R Us boss says online shopping is ‘very ungreen’ as busy holiday retails season begins | Mail Online

Now that Obama has been re-elected you are all going to see green carbon meters being installed in everything and if you run over your carbon mileage you will get fined to stimulate the economy!!! It’s only fair right? Don’t believe me? Read this ridiculous argument made by the CEO of Toys R US claiming that online shopping isn’t “green.” The standards and laws are already in place. As well as the meters themselves being installed in the newest lines of appliances.

On Another note: How such successful men become liberal loonies never ceases to amaze me. At least give him credit that he knows Amazon is killing brick and mortar stores with one click shopping. What exactly isn’t green about that???


I figured online retaliers would be pleased because not only can they make money on the item being sold, but can also over-charge shipping and pocket the difference.