Only Blacks Can Police Black Communities


A Houston city councilman has called for segregation in policing. In the wake of the officer-involved shootings of black men across the country and the assassination of Dallas police officers, the councilman said police should reflect the ethnicity of the particular community where they patrol.Speaking to Fox 26 in Houston, City Councilman Dwight Boykins (District D), “I think at this point, because of the crisis situation, not in Houston but throughout the country, we need to have officers patrolling areas that reflect the ethnicity [of that community].”

Houston Official Calls for Form of Segregation: Only Blacks Can Police Black Communities
The whole suggestion is silly because blacks and whites are intermingled and officers are going encounter other races beside their own. My thought is this council member figures that black officers dealing with black people would use special privilege when encountering them.


I thought of the same thing a while back. But then I thought that it wouldn’t make a difference. As I see it there are all sorts of problem with people/police problems. Stuff like:
It takes a certain type of person to even want to be a policeman. Of that type a certain percentage of them are the wrong type to give power to. Maybe a small percentage but still a large enough number to be a percentage. Then you get the fact that policemen get hardened over the years. Something about having people get in your face on a daily or even weekly basis affects people, just as dealing with people at their worst does. Black, white it doesn’t matter because those stresses are built into the job. There are going to be abuses of police power, nut jobs & basically every other “flaw” that people have because the police department is made up of people from the general population.
Then you take the fact that the police suffer from a lack of respect of the general population plus a huge lack of respect in the black community. My own feeling is that the lack of respect has been heightened by our president but that’s just me. I feel that even hinting that there have been people murdered by police because of their color on national TV before any investigation was done was both improper & inflammatory (unless of course your wanting a race war or your trying to get 100% of the black votes).
So back on the black police officers policing black neighborhoods: First off that would be a scheduling nightmare for most police departments. It also reinforces the idea that policemen are in some way racists. I would also assume that it would become an issue for the courts btw. Oh & if more policemen are killed in black neighborhoods the media would jump on it & we would be reading headline like “Black police officers sent off to die” & that sort of thing. I also feel that the lack of respect for police would carry over to all police officers no matter what the color. So basically my feelings are that it would be a much worse solution in both the long & short term.


Unless PDs went to the stupidity - a stupidity this fool probably does mean - of scheduling officers to particular beats according to race, little would change in many/most PDs. Ironically, 2 or 4 decades ago, such assignments by race would have resulted in lawsuits. And there may have been just such lawsuits!


Hi PeteS. Yes it just seems to be that the suggestion is based on flawed reasoning. I would think that anyone that hates white police officers enough to shoot at them would also see black police officers as part of the “system”. Now of course I could be wrong but that’s just what I think.
Oh & I lived there in CA for 3 years (wife was stationed at March AFB). Can’t say that I loved the liberal attitudes where I lived (Moreno Valley) but I did find the logic behind them interesting.


You found logic in liberal thought? Interesting…

My opinion, as racist as it is, is to not patrol areas where police aren’t wanted.
See how well that goes.


When I was a police officer, back in the 70’s, our Chief of Police (who, by the way, WAS a racist white guy) wanted to hire a black officer and advertised for one in the local paper. We had a relatively small black population at the time…about 6%…and got exactly TWO applicants. The one who would likely have made a good officer decided it didn’t pay enough and declined. The other guy took the job which was offered without even a cursory background check by the Chief. As it turned out, all he’d have had to do was ask ME and I’d have told him that we were then investigating the guy as a window-peeper. Before he’d been on the job for a full month, he was arrested by the Fort Worth PD for following women, flashing his badge to pull them over and then sexually propositioning them.

When the education community decided that ONLY black teachers could “relate” to black students and sought to hire unqualified blacks to teach in the inner cities, THAT’S when the quality of inner-city education began to slide rapidly downhill. Skin color has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with one’s qualifications or ability for a particular job.


THAT’S when the quality of inner-city education began to slide rapidly downhill.
From my view it dropped when they decided that graduation percentages were too low so they just lowered (to the point that everyone passes) the requirement to graduate. Of course that could have been about the same time frame though.